A multi-packing system for beverage cans is aimed at companies that want to improve existing line efficiencies by up to 30 percent with lighter, stronger and more environmentally-sustainable materials.

Developed by a company within the RPC group, WaveGrip Carriers are made from blown-extruded multi-layer polythene film.

The carriers, said to contain the least material of any multi-packing options, are claimed to be both recyclable and photo-degradable. WaveGrip’s simplified material composition is also said to enable up to 50 percent recycled content to be used.

WaveGrip says the carrier design has been used by a number of key partners over the past year, such as a largest mobile canner in Europe and turnkey canning line manufacturers in the US.

A range of applicators have been developed to, the fastest being the G3 that operates at 2,000 cans per minute or more. For lower speeds, the G2 applicator developed by Palmer Canning is capable of collating four, six or eight packs at 500 cans per minute.

For smaller craft brewers the G1 enables the same WaveGrip Carrier to be applied manually at up to 50 cans per minute.

More information from WaveGrip Registered Office, One London Wall, London EC2Y 5AB, UK. Tel: 44 1294 842150. Website: www.wave-grip.com