Cans of the Year attracts entries from around the world

A recloseable easy-open end for beverage cans that is all metal is one of the entries from the Asia-Pacific region for the Cans of the Year Awards, which are being presented during The Canmaker Summit 2016 later this year.

It has been developed by XRE Corporation from Soeul in South Korea with support from equipment manufacturer Suzhou SLAC Precision Equipment in China.

The XRE (Xtra Reclosable Easy-open end) looks very similar to a conventional 202 aluminium beverage end, the key difference being that there is a circular panel attached to the tab that can be rotated to cover the aperture when the drink is not being used.

Purpose of the panel appears to be the prevention of insects or dirt getting into the can during use, rather than providing a pressure seal.

First customer to be using the XRE end is Lotte Chilsung Beverage for its Aloe Vera King juice drink.

The Cans of the Year Awards will be presented a Gala Dinner on the evening of 2 November during The Canmaker Summit, which is being held this year in Lisbon, Portugal.

Deadline for entries is 2 September 2016. More information from Emma O’Malley at [email protected] or from