Combination back-end for D&I food cans

A combined necking, flanging, beading and light-testing machine has been developed for use on two-piece D&I food can lines by Cantec, the Germany-based subsidiary of Soudronic.

Replacing a stand-alone flanger and beader and a separate light tester which includes conveying that is at risk of jamming, the high-speed CAN-O-MAT.2PC is said by Cantec to be the perfect back-end machine, making production of D&I food cans “simpler, more effective and maybe a little bit more profitable”.

Processes include die necking, spin flanging, rail beading, and leak testing using technology from Sencon.

The machine is suitable for diameters from 65mm (211) to 83mm (307). The height range depends on the configuration and is up to 115mm (408), or up to 125mm (414), and in a special design up to 150 mm (600).

The necking, flanging and testing units have ten spindles and the beading unit 14 spindles, providing production speeds of up to 1,600 cpm for diameters up 83 mm. A special version for 73mm diameter cans runs at up to 1,800cpm, processing cans from up to five D&I bodymakers.

More information from Cantec GmbH & Co KG, Helenenstrasse 149, D-45143 Essen, Germany. Tel: 49 201 633 1461. Fax: 49 201 633 1239. Website: