Digital base-load gauge for Crown’s customers

A convenient device that can be used for measuring base loads on seamers by brewers and soft drinks customers is being offered by the Customer Technical Service (CTS) team at canmaker Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East.

The Crown Precision Base Load Gauge is the product of years of technical know how and experience within CTS . Its aim is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of customer seamers and to generate a consistent quality output. Highly accurate (+/- 100gm load), the gauge stores each measurement in the inbuilt memory and transfers the data by Bluetooth to either a Smartphone, Tablet or PC for further analysis and data retention, so there’s no more need for pens and notepads.

The Crown CTS team are equipped with the gauges. For key customers CTS provides training and access to the device.

Says Matthew Twiss, Market & Business Development Manager at Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East: “The Crown CTS team delivers industry-leading technical support to our customers. Their technical support, expert guidance and preventative maintenance helps our customers to keep their can filling operations running at maximum efficiency and supports them to ensure the highest quality of finished product.

“The CTS team provides comprehensive local and remote support to our customers at every step of their can filling production process. The team troubleshoots issues, coordinates preventive seamer maintenance, and also supports the introduction of new products. They conduct line audits and advise on best practices related to optimising efficiency, container handling, warehousing and logistics, plant layout and line design, capital expenditure preparation support, and managing suppliers.

“Special training workshops for plant technicians can also be run, with the curriculum designed specifically for each customer’s requirement.”

More information from Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East, Baarermatte, Baar 6340, Switzerland. Tel: 41 41 759 1002. Website: