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In this issue: The Canmaker, Volume 32, May 2019

Never say never to premium printing developments
Editorial board member Joe Finan discusses the current printing landscape and his predictions for the adoption of future technologies

New dawn for clean canmaking
Food and beverage cans made from polyester-laminated aluminium are set to rejuvenate the canmaking industry in China

Kicking the can
Hexavalent chrome has been used safely for the passivation of tinplate for many. years, so why has its proposed replacement become a big issue?

China takes up LED-UV curing
Suppliers in China are overcoming the technical problems of traditional thermal curing techniques with LED-UV technology. Here’s how.

Collaborative thinking
Insight into the first end-making line produced by a joint venture in sheet-fed presses which has been delivered to a canmaker in South America

Added value is the key to success
Equipment and service providers are providing more than just sales support to customers in the metal decorating and beverage can sectors

Dawn of a new age
A leading supplier of process systems for D&I beverage can manufacturing
shows how digital printing could make shorter runs more cost-effective

The front line of a beer revolution
Compact canning systems are enabling more craft brewers to supply the craft sector with canned brews

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