Volume 30, June 2017

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In this issue: The Canmaker, Volume 30, June 2017

Choosing new technology for your plant
Editorial board member Amir Novini provides a check list to help canmakers succeed in making the right decisions when adopting new technology

Consolidating and expanding
The canmaking division of CCL Industries is reorganising its aerosol can business in North America, is expanding in Mexico, and investing in the production of aluminium slugs

Look out for the big beasts
Beverage can decorating technology was the highlight at the Metpack industry show in Germany last month, with some impressively huge machines in the spotlight

Colour is the next big thing
Specialists in test and inspection systems for canmaking lines are turning their attention to plug and play technology, and to capabilities for high-resolution label defect detection

Propelling new ideas
The latest developments in aerosol can technology were featured at BAMA’s Innovations Day in the UK

Opportunities for profit growth
The leading canmakers have been growing by acquisition in the past two years, moves that are now starting to show with better earnings

The heart of the matter
With the growth of the craft brewing sector in the US, so are the services supporting it. Iron Heart Canning provides an increasingly wide spread of mobile canning lines

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