Volume 30, May 2017

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In this issue: The Canmaker, Volume 30, May 2017

Horizontal innovation versus ambidexterity
Antonio Teixeira has for many years been promoting the democratization of innovation in companies as a means of enabling all employees to be involved in the process

The Italian job
An inspection system that provides 100 percent defect detection on printed sheets has been installed successfully at Crown Imballaggi Italia’s plant at Calerno

Beating the bottleneck
A two-piece beverage can decorator that features automated plate and blanket changes could revolutionise the way in which the drinks industry uses metal packaging

Beverage cans show their ink
Ink manufacturers have been developing new products that offer special effects, and enabling canmakers to speed up the design process

Meeting up
The global canmaking industry is assembling this month at the Metpack trade show in Germany. We provide a preview of exhibitors, their business activities and booth locations

Light fantastic
MolsonCoors is promoting its Coors Light beer this summer using cans made by Crown with special decoration that responds to both temperature and light in a first for the industry

New life for Shaka retorts
A retort that agitates canned products to enable better flavours to be achieved is now free of licencing, making its wider adoption possible

Hot tip tempts craft brewers into cans
A contract packer in the UK is gearing up its canning capaci- ty to meet demand from growing numbers of craft brewers

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