Flexible platform for stainless seamers

The latest range of Somme seamers for round cans from Talleres Ezquerra in Spain features stainless steel construction and is based on the same platform.

The PE series is offered with two, four and six seaming turrets, the most productive of which runs at up to 500 cans per minute.

All feature driven lifters, a single roll cover feeder that operates with most end designs and an optional motorised can height adjustment.

The PE-2 has two seaming heads, is suitable for can diameters from 52mm (202) to 153mm (603) and runs at up to 80 cans per minute. Two versions of the four-head PE-4 are offered, one with a diameter range from 52mm to 100mm that runs at up to 300cpm, and the PE-4G with a higher diameter range from 100mm to 160mm that runs at 150cpm. Top of the range is the six-head PE-6 for 52mm to 100mm cans and a top speed of 500cpm.

The version that has attracted most attention is the PE-2, says commercial manager Oscar Sobejano. It was first developed in 2015 and tested with nearby customers in northern Spain. “It went very well,” says Sobejano. “In 2016 we manufactured a production series and sold five, two in Spain, and one each in South Africa, Ecuador and Portugal.

“We think that this is the only two-head seamer available. Like the other PE machines it has driven lifters, whereas on most machines like this they are stationary.

“The PE-2 machine is targeting customers for whom flexibility is a must. They don’t have big factories and they don’t produce high volumes, therefore they have space limitations. They produce many different can sizes in small volumes. Their request is normally for machines with production capacity of around 80 cpm and with quick can height changeover.

“Many of those small canneries are still working with all types of Canco and Carnaud single head can seamers because they don’t find a machine meeting their request. This machine model is designed specifically for them. It has to be price affordable as these small canneries have less investment capacity than the big companies.”

More information from Talleres Ezquerra Seamers SL, Polígono Industrial Parcela 2, 31570 San Adrián, Navarra, Spain. Tel: 34 948 670 388. Website: www.ezqerra.com