The Canmaker Media Pack & Advertising information 2017

The Canmaker is a key source of business intelligence for canmakers, their suppliers and customers in the food, beverage, personal care, home products and industrial sectors.

With a monthly print magazine and expansive on-line services, The Canmaker provides news, market developments and comment in a growing global market that will be worth $125 billion in 2017.*

Having reported on developments in the world of metal packaging since 1988, The Canmaker has established itself as a vital resource for decision makers in the packaging and filling industries.

* SmithersPIRA data

The Canmaker magazine's first issue published in April 1988

Rates & Data 2017


Download our latest media pack with rates in Sterling format and marketing data.

Rates & Data 2017


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Online Advertising


There are two key factors to consider when choosing an online partner through which to promote your products and services – the click-through rate from the website and the relevance of the potential customers that it delivers.

At, the click-through rate is around 35 percent higher than what is regarded as a successful campaign in the industry. But that is only part of the story.

As a long-established provider of business intelligence, operates its web pages as a members-only site, restricting access to individuals and companies who are directly connected with the canmaking and can filling industries. This means that our visitors are precisely focused on the services that are provided by our advertisers.

And there is a bonus. Users browse web pages for an average of 6.4 minutes per visit, much higher than the industry average of 3-4 minutes, which exposes them to our online advertising for longer than many other sites.

For companies seeking new business contacts through the internet, is the ideal medium to target relevant potential customers.


While around 3,500 copies of The Canmaker are circulated worldwide, our surveys have shown that on average each copy is read by up to seven individuals, so there is an estimated global readership of more than 20,000. By offering a special professional subscription rate – only available to those who are certified canmakers, fillers or suppliers to the industry – The Canmaker restricts its readership to those who are specifically aligned to the content, ensuring that editorial coverage and advertising are matched to those who receive it.

The success of this approach and the importance of The Canmaker to its readers can be seen in the many subscriptions taken out more than a quarter of a century ago that are still being served.


The position that The Canmaker holds in the metal packaging world is largely due to a unique interaction between the contributors, the editorial board and the readership. Since the very first issue, there has been a constant dialogue with the readers who help to provide a constant flow of information, thus ensuring the content is always focused.

Alongside regular editorial visits to manufacturing and research facilities around the world, there are extensive face-to-face meetings with our readers at conferences, The Canmaker Summit and at the Cannex & Fillex shows, all of which are sponsored by the magazine.

With such a highly targeted and reactive audience, The Canmaker magazine is a most effective medium through which products and services can be promoted to canmakers anywhere in the world.

The Canmaker Gold Club

The Canmaker recognises the importance of its readers. Those who qualify for a professional subscription are given complimentary membership of The Canmaker Gold Club, which offers privileges such as access to extended online services, use of The Canmaker Gold Club Lounge at Cannex & Fillex shows and discounted priority booking at our conferences.

The membership list of The Canmaker Gold Club reads like a international who’s-who of decision makers from the metal packaging world.

Guided by an editorial board drawn from its professional readers, The Canmaker is committed to ensuring that the resources, information and business intelligence that such high-profile users require are readily available when they are needed.

Editorial Calendar


Curing systems (thermal & UV)
Aerosol canmaking and filling Innovations


Two-piece DRD canmaking systems
Used and refurbished equipment services
Beverage canning


Seaming systems and tooling
Fish canning
Metal bottle manufacturing


Coatings & inks
Beverage canning
Show preview


Metal decorating
Two-piece D&I canmaking systems
Can sterilisation and retorts
Show issue


Test & inspection equipment
Pre-press printing & plating operations
Beverage canning
Show report I


Ends & end-making systems
Washers & dry-off ovens
Food canning
Cannex report II


Three-piece canmaking systems
Sealants & compounds
Lubricants & chemical treatments
Metal bottle filling


Quality and process control
Conveying & handling (inc palletisers & depalletisers)
Beer & beverage canning


Metal decorating
Environmental & emission abatement systems
Food canning


Canmaking tooling
Caps & closures


Canstock (tinplate and aluminium)
Waste management & recycling
Test & inspection equipment

*Subject to change at any time