Testing for the performance, and sound, of easy opening

A testing rig that enables the performance of easy-open ends on filled cans to be measured, and the sound of the opening process to be recorded, has been launched by UK-based Stable Micro Systems.

The specialists in texture analysis have developed the system for use by fillers of food and beverage cans to measure the force required to lift the tab and open the container.

With a universal design, the Ring Pull Rig enables non-circular shapes, such as meat or fish cans, to be accurately analysed. The flexibility of Exponent software has also enabled the development of a special test for cans that require a two-step pulling action. The rig first measures the force needed to break the seal before pausing and allowing the user to adjust the hook direction or rotate the tin. The second part of the test then measures the force required to peel and remove the metal lid completely.

The Ring Pull Rig can also be enhanced with the use of the Acoustic Envelope Detector, to capture and measure the ‘fizz’ sound of a carbonated drink, and the Video Capture and Synchronisation System that allows the user to replay the data frame by frame for in-depth analysis.

More information from Stable Micro Systems, Vienna Court, Lammas Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1YL, United Kingdom. Tel: 44 1483 427 345. Website: www.stablemicrosystems.com