The Canmaker is a monthly business intelligence publication for the metal packaging industry offering its readers a mixture of news, features, reviews, comment and access to an unparalleled knowledge base, delivered through print and digital media, along with online services.

Published continuously since 1988, The Canmaker serves a growing global market that is currently worth around $125 billion and is expected to grow to $132.1 billion by 2021.*  It is a key source of information for canmakers, their suppliers and customers in the food, beverage, personal care, home products and industrial sectors.

In a market that is growing between two and three percent a year, The Canmaker is a vital resource for decision makers.

* SmithersPIRA data

Gary Alexander
Container Fabrication Machinery (USA)

Emilio Amati
ASA San Marino (Italy)

Scott Biondich
Packaging Innovation & Design (USA)

Antonio Bove
Easytech Closures Solutions (Italy)

Joseph D Bulso
Industrial System Technology Corp (USA)

Jackson Cheng
Zhuhai Cosmos Products (China)

Jan Driessens
Quopa Sarl (Switzerland)

Robert Fell
Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (UK)

Joe Finan
INX International Inks (USA)

Sunil Gidumal
GM Metal Packaging (Hong Kong)

Colin Gillis
Ball Packaging Europe (Switzerland)

Tony Greensall
Chen Lain (Taiwan)

Len Jenkins
Crown Holdings (USA)

F C Lo
F C Packaging (Hong Kong)

Chee Wee Loy
M C Packaging (Singapore)

Mike Masenoir

Ken Matyska
Consultant (USA)

John McHugh
Metaldec (UK)

Chris McKenzie
SLAC Precision Equipment (Australia)

Richard Moore
Consultant (Hong Kong)

Dr Ulrich Nehring
Institut Nehring (Germany)

Amir Novini
Applied Vision (USA)

Bev Page
Consultant (UK)

Neal Santangelo
Crown Aerosols (USA)

Ian Scholey
Stolle Machinery (USA)

Arthur Stupay
Tower Research (USA)

Shouzou Ichinose
Toyo Seikan (Japan)

John Taylor
T&S Overseas (UK)

Antonio Teixeira
Brasilata (Brazil)

Terry Voce
Helvetia Packaging (Switzerland)

Reynold Wong
China Metal Packaging Group (China)

Dr William Hoyle

Bruce Jones
Aujan Group Holding (UAE)