Advantages of aluminium promoted on Packaging Day in Germany

In recognition of Packaging Day in Germany on 10 June, the nation’s aluminium packaging association Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie (GDA) has encouraged greater adoption of the material.

Most consumers are unaware that aluminium accounts for just one per cent of packaging marketed in the country, reported the GDA. However, aluminium plays an important role whether as a beverage or aerosol can, tube, meal tray or as a foil or hidden within composite packaging, it added.

Sustainable aluminium packaging especially that based on recycled materials scores favourably compared with many other packaging materials, reported the GDA. It also provides a functional barrier that efficiently protects food and other products from external influences such as light, oxygen and hydrogen. In this way, food and product spoilage and waste can be effectively combated, noted the GDA. Lightweight aluminium packaging also enables energy savings during transport and can be recycled almost infinitely without any loss of quality.

“With a current recycling rate of 93.2 per cent for aluminium packaging marketed in Germany, the material cycle is almost complete,” said GDA managing director Marius Baader. “The continuous expansion of the sorting and recycling infrastructure in Germany and, last but not least, the high value of aluminium, which is by far the highest of all packaging materials, have also contributed to this achievement.

“Legal initiatives such as the Green Deal or the Circular Economy Action Programme of the European Commission will continue to promote the design for recycling, from which so-called permanent materials such as aluminium will benefit.”

Gregor Spengler, head of packaging, sustainability and recycling at GDA, added: “Even if aluminium packaging still accounts for by far the smallest proportion of all packaging marketed in Germany on Packaging Day in 2021, the slogan ‘small, but powerful!’ rightly applies due to its outstanding performance. And it impressively shows the growth opportunities that arise for the manufacturers of aluminium packaging if they courageously take up the current challenges of a society in transition in a demanding competitive environment.”