All welding-related problems detected

By using a new calibrating force monitor (CFM) from Soudronic, all welding-related problems – such as tinplate overlap errors – can now be detected, thereby boosting production reliability.

Until now, no monitoring system was able to reliably detect excessive overlapping caused by dimensional fluctuations, says Soudronic. Were there to be excessive overlap, the welding current would need to be increased to prevent ‘cold welds’. However, with the new CFM, overlaps are detected reliably and faulty can bodies are ejected.

The basic principle of the CFM is simple, by measuring the force generated in the calibrating crown. No additional components are needed at the machine, as force measurement is a built-in component of Soudronic’s Unitool technology. Overlap errors of 0.1mm and more are detected.

The CFM is calibrated using a small batch of can bodies. With a single parameter, users can adapt its detection sensitivity to their needs.
Soudronic has also introduced a new automatic filter cleaning system for powder seam coating, the Soucoat FDC-1000 Compact, which is said to guarantee a continuous and uninterrupted coating, while increasing efficiency.

A bypass system in the FDC recycling unit enables continuous filter cleaning during production, thereby preventing filter contamination. It creates a balanced vacuum in the system and increases productivity.

The automatic filter cleaning system can be activated with the controller, the standard intervals between cleaning cycles, typically 30 minutes, being individually set.

More information from Soudronic AG, Industriestrasse 35, 8962 Bergdietikon, Switzerland. Tel: 41 44 743 6666.