Cannex & Fillex preview – Part 3

Our preview of this year’s Cannex & Fillex show continues with a look at more of the equipment, services, materials and technology that will be on display.

NPB Automation will present its end counter and splitter along with its dynamic end counter for packing systems. Ends are counted as they pass and when the specified number is reached, the split cycle is automatically initiated. Ends from 50 mm to 90 mm in diameter can be accommodated at speeds up to 12,000 per minute.

US-based PPG Industries will be exhibiting its range of coatings and protective spray lacquers for aluminium and steel cans. “We’re committed to our responsibility to protect the environment and the safety of consumers,” said Ken West, vice president of global packaging coatings. “Our innovations in BPA-NI coatings options include our Innovel and Nutrashield coatings that are epoxy free and formulated without BPA or other bisphenol derivatives.”

Along with turnkey sorting systems, printed and coated sheet inspection, Prime Controls will demonstrate its SD230 TriSense for high-speed end conversion presses, which controls three functions: the first is double-shell detection, the second is missing tab detection, and the final one is end leak detection. By integrating its light technology system, models LH200 and SL100, with a double-shell and missing tab detector, it is possible to run and manage all three functions at the same time through one control.

Showing its expertise in two-piece can manufacturing is RIC Package. It will display automatic lines for making two-piece cans, twist-off caps, general caps and aerosol valves, cones and domes. Sales supervisor Zoe Li said: “Cannex is one of the most professional shows for metal packaging.”

Roeslein & Associates will highlight its expertise in complex engineering, procurement and the turnkey management of projects for the D&I beverage canmaking sector. As a systems integrator, it focuses on the implementation of new capital projects, while offering novel approaches and continuous support to the customers it serves. “Cannex is an important event to bring together people in an industry with global reach,” says Roeslein director of business development Ron Ragan. “We have the opportunity to meet with long-standing clients and also to spark relationships with new clients as well.”

Sandvik Hyperion offers a full range of lightweight carbide tooling for two-piece metal containers, from the front to the back end of production lines, including tooling for cuppers, bodymakers and neckers. At Cannex it will be presenting its developments, such as wear and corrosion resistant tooling.

With more than 42 years of inspection experience, Sencon will be presenting its Benchtop inspection system. This is a semi-automatic system that uses dimensional gauges for both trimmed cans and finished cans, along with an optical coatings thickness gauge. Regional sales and marketing manager for Asia, Tim Yeates, says: “We’re very much looking forward to meeting old friends and new faces at Cannex this year.”

Shanghai Keenson Electromechanical Machinery Co will feature its coil cutting lines and regenerative thermal oxidisers, which efficiently remove volatile organic compounds generated during the curing of coatings. Its cut-to-length line is designed for high quality, continuous production and has interchangeable die sets for straight cut or scroll cut products. Cannex provides an excellent platform for the company to present both itself and its products, says Keenson.

Shanghai Maichao Rubber Products Co will focus on its printing rolls, which comprise a UV roller and traditional roller. It will also be showcasing dust removal rollers.

Shanghai Ruiyuan Printing Equipment Co will be showcasing its RYYT4453W, a UV-cured metal coating line; RYTB452B coating machine; and RY-JTF1200, a steel laminating machine.

Shantou Xinging’s Dodo leak tester for aerosol cans

Shantou Xinqing Cannery Machinery Co, which has sold machines to more than 34 countries around the globe, will be showcasing its Dodo-500 intelligent can body welding machine, along with its double-channel irregular can multi-station combination machine. It will also demonstrate its LT-A36 intelligent aerosol leak tester and its LT-M24 intelligent milk powder can leak tester.

Shantou Zhengyi Tin Can Machine Co will present a high-speed can body welder for infant formula can production. It will also highlight its pail ear lacquering machine.

Easy-open end manufacturer Shenzhen Youpeng Packaging Product Co is also looking forward to attending the show. Its business manager, David Fang, describes Cannex as the most important trade show for metal packaging, can ends and canmaking.

Signode, which is being acquired by Crown Holdings, will be showing palletising equipment, including its MHB-TP12 for beverage containers. This features a tensioning system that equalises the strap tension from the top and bottom to provide more accurate strap tension.

Singapore Estes Engineering will present a peel-off end leak tester, auto film wrapper/un-wrapper, infant formula can leak tester, a high-pressure aerosol can leak tester and other vision inspection systems.

SpecMetrix Systems provides equipment to measure the thickness of applied wet or dry coatings. This is performed in real-time during the coating processes, in quality assurance labs or research and development centres. Also, SpecMetrix offers film-weight measurement systems; coating thickness measurement systems; flat sheet coating measurement systems; and beverage and food container coating measurement systems. Greg Frisby, its global industry manager, says: “Cannex provides a perfect opportunity to demonstrate our industry-leading SpecMetrix film weight measurement systems to our most important global metal coil and container customers.”

Stolle Machinery will be presenting a Rutherford high-performance inker and nine-colour print unit for the first time in China. The print unit has been redesigned with many features that offer improved print quality, less and easier maintenance, and energy savings. It will also be showing an upgraded FX inker which, in conjunction with a standard Rutherford decorator, is designed to print special-effect inks with larger particles, such as metallic, thermo-chromatic and pearlescent. Stolle’s digital decorator, which enables canmakers to produce high-quality customised graphics in short-runs at 720×1,000 dpi at 60 cpm will be on show, as will a high-speed vacuum infeed for its Concord decorator. This retrofit unit will feed up to 2,500 cpm into a 36-mandrel Concord decorator. Bob Gary, Stolle’s compliance officer, said: “We always feel that the Cannex show is an excellent opportunity to meet with customers while showcasing some of our latest products and services.”

T D Wright will display its full line of precision plate-cylinder assemblies it has developed for Rutherford, Concord and other metal decorating machines used in the manufacture of two-piece beverage cans.

Italian machine manufacturer Technopack will highlight its capabilities in turnkey production lines and single machines for making monobloc aerosol cans as well as beverage bottles. Its Michelangelo KX48P digital printing machine is said to considerably advance the decoration of photo-realistic images directly onto cans with high standards of productivity and reliability. The company will also describe its Bianca washing machine for beverage cans and its Rossa RX5DWI trimming machine for D&I cans. Technopack’s managing director, Paolo Venturelli, says: “To be present at Cannex & Fillex is a must for the major players of the metal packaging industry and Technopack is proud to be here.”

In addition to being a supplier of both coil and sheet ETP and TFS, Tianjin Kunry Steel Co will show its scroll cutting, printing and lacquering services, and outline its international tinplate marketing capabilities.

Tianjin Tree Technology Development Co manufactures and trades in ETP and TFS, as well as supplying both plain and lacquered printed steel.

Torus Measurement Systems will highlight its Z603 opening-force gauge for easy-open ends. Building on the success of its standard model, the enhanced version adds further automation in the gathering of accurate, repeatable and unbiased data relating to the opening performance of stay-on tab and ring-pull type ends. Torus general manager Daniel Pettitt says: “We’re looking forward to returning to China to meet new and existing customers and showcasing our range of quality control equipment, all designed to suit our global customers’ daily requirements.”

Toyo Ink Group, a Japanese coatings and inks manufacturer, will be showing its inks for D&I beverage cans and DRD cans as well as non-food product cans. The ink range includes both UV and LED-cured inks that can be applied to food and non-food cans. It will also be showing coatings for metal cans – including BPA-NI coatings for beverage and food cans – and waterborne coatings for aluminium coil and a UV-cured top varnish.

For 30 years, UTC Overseas has played a role in planning, executing and transporting canmaking lines, raw materials and finished goods around the world. At Cannex it will be presenting its transport services, which include trucking, project management, packing and crating, consolidation, and customs brokerage.

Versatile Technology will be demonstrating the capabilities of its AD142 automatic cup and can front end gauge in China for the first time. Its AD142B front-end gauge automatically measures any body size cup and can without stopping or changeover. The company’s vTools software enables remote diagnostics of its equipment.

Netherlands-based VMI Holland delivers high-quality can washers, washer-ovens and wash coaters for the two-piece beer, beverage and the food can sectors. Its canmaking systems offer reductions in energy, water and gas consumption, making them process and cost efficient. Sales manager Johan Jonkman said Cannex was a perfect venue for the can industry in China and Asia.

China’s YHEX Chemical Technology (Suzhou) Co manufactures coatings for food and beverage cans, along with crown caps, aluminium caps and other specialist items. It will be showcasing how its coatings can be applied to three-piece food cans, beverage and paint cans, tin coatings for DRD cans and crown caps, as well as its coil coating systems.

End suppliers at the show include Zhejiang Changhong Can End Making Co, which will be presenting tinplate full-aperture easy-open ends and bottoms.

Manufacturer and exporter Zhoushan Golden Wing Machinery Co focuses on making ends along with two-piece cans and palletising systems. It also provides multiple production lines for easy-open ends and peel-off ends (POE); aerosol cones and domes, twist-off lids, tamper-proof caps; two-piece cans, lids, rings and bottoms, as well as palletising and wrapping systems. “We are ready to develop long-term relationships with overseas customers,” says Golden Wing.

An aerosol dome maker from Jinjiao Machinery

Zhoushan Jinjiao Machinery will be focusing on its aerosol dome making machine which operates at up to 300 cpm at full capacity. It features an easy-to-use human-machine interface, an automated mechanical arm servo feed, an adaptable gantry bed so there is no gap guide when running at full capacity. Jinjiao Machinery’s senior manager, Mike Huang, expects the show to provide an “opportunity to establish business contacts, exchange information and explore the latest technologies” with visitors. He describes Cannex as the “best platform to present Jinjiao products and services to world”.

Zhoushan Xiangda Machinery Co will display a new type of robot manipulator it has developed for heavy load and delicate part palletising.

Zhuhai New Generation Composite Material Co specialises in laminated aluminium and steel for food and beverage packaging, including for bottles, two-piece cans and ends. Deputy general manager Liu Xian describes Cannex as a “great platform for displaying and promoting our products and services”.

End maker Zhuhai Supreme Packaging Products Co will be exhibiting aluminium easy-open ends, including 113, 200, 202, 206, 209 diameters for ring-pull tabs or stay-on tabs. Zhuhai Supreme also offers printed ends and tabs, to clients’ requirements. Krystal Wang, Zhuhai Supreme’s sales manager, claims her company is aiming to become the number one easy-open end supplier in Asia within three years.

Zonida will be launching a new high-frame coordinate palletiser which requires less space compared with other high frame models. It features an auto pallet dispenser, automatic layer pad placing and fully automatic out-feeding.