Ball helps launch sustainable canned water in Vietnam

Joint-venture TBC-Ball Beverage Can Vietnam has helped with the launch of a new canned water brand as it tries to reduce the volume of single-use plastic bottles.

The Saigon-based canmaker worked with Winking Seal Beer Co, a leading Vietnam-based craft beverage company, to design and produce the 250ml aluminium cans under the beWater brand name.

Winking Seal Beer Co says it has signed agreements with leading international hotel groups and food & beverage outlets to help phase out plastic bottles and their potential to creat waste problems. Immediate plans also include distribution of the drink internationally.

Mark Nerney, Winking Seal Beer Co’s co-founder and general director, commented: “We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with TBC-Ball, who share our vision to make water better, environmentally friendly and convenient to enjoy. Alongside our launch partner Sailing Club Leisure Group, they were instrumental in making beWater an instant success.”

Bjoern Kulmann, sustainability director at US-based Ball Corporation, said: “With aluminium packaging we take a life cycle view of the entire product journey.

“Aluminium is mono-material and can be easily sorted and reused an infinite number of times without losing quality. Aluminium, as permanent material retains its value throughout the recycling process, meaning that it can be kept in circulation indefinitely without becoming waste and ending up in the ocean or in landfills.”

Wannaros Tantranont, regional sustainability director at Ball Asia Pacific Limited, concluded: “Together with Winking Seal Beer Co, Ball wants to promote can recycling and has installed on-site can collection stations at all beWater locations.

“This way we offer our hospitality and F&B partners a way to raise awareness of sustainable packaging solutions that help resolve the plastic waste problem.”