Ball to highlight aerosol can-shaping and printing expertise

Ball Corporation will display its aluminium aerosol can-shaping and printing systems at the Aerosol Dispensing Forum which takes place from 17-18 September in New York.

The Ball Aerosol Packaging team will showcase its latest innovations alongside an extensive can design portfolio: printing, shaping and a range of other special effects.

These will include the company’s Eyeris printing technology, which was originally developed for beverage cans but it now used on aluminium monobloc aerosol cans. Eyeris is a high-definition printing system, which uses special pre-press processes and 3D printing plates.

Ball will also demonstrate its Matte & Gloss and Tactile, lithography techniques; the 360° can, and other embossing and can contouring technologies; and different inks and finishes. In addition, Ball’s development of ReAl, said to be the world’s first lighter-weight aluminium aerosol can, will also be shown.

On Tuesday 17 September, Ball’s director global innovations and business development Jason Galley will give a presentation about the canmaker’s aerosol can technology.

“Aluminium aerosol cans are extraordinarily versatile and an ideal solution for beauty and personal care products,” said Stanley Platek, general manager of Ball Aerosol Packaging. “Ball has a unique ability to convey brand messaging through innovative product designs, helping our customers’ products to stand out on the shelf and outshine the competition.”