Better response with bodymaker clutch-brake

Ragsdale and Standun B6 bodymakers can now be retrofitted with Goizper clutch-brake systems, to increase response time and improve access for maintenance.
Stolle CMD is supplying the retrofit kits, which are designed to replace the original Eaton clutch-brakes.

A primary advantage of the Goizper system is the response time of 375spm, which allows older machines to operate at higher speeds. The clutch mechanism features a shallow air chamber and large piston diameter to allow higher torque, enabling the system to withstand longer periods of operation and higher duty cycles.In tests, the brake response time from 375rpm to zero was 217 milliseconds, with a stopping angle of 205 deg.

This faster braking speed is produced by a quick exhaust design which allows air in the brake piston to exhaust directly from the chamber, instead of through an external valve. This makes emergency stops faster, and helps to prevent tool damage during can tear-offs and other jams.

The Goizper system has a one-piece assembly which combines the clutch-brake, flywheel and bearings, and mounts onto the existing bodymaker crankshaft with a locking ring, to allow straightforward retrofitting. The clutch-brake is mounted on the outboard of the flywheel, to improve access for maintenance.

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