Beverage end conversion press that tops 5,000 per minute

A more productive version of Stolle Machinery’s Tetrad end conversion system has been developed by the US-based canmaking equipment manufacturer.

First launched in 2000, the Tetrad progression press came with four lanes. The EO6 version has six lanes, giving 70 per cent more output while using just 36 per cent more power.

The EO6 conversion press has an output of up to 5,100 easy-open ends per minute, or 6.24 million per day. When used in a beer & beverage end-making system with a 24-out shell press and six end liners, two EO6 conversion presses will be able to replace three four-lane Tetrads while increasing output from 9,000 to 10,200 ends per minute.

The EO6 conversion system is based on a new Minster ECH-140 press that runs at up to 850 strokes per minute. It features a shorter stroke and a feature that enables the ram shut height to be adjusted while the press is in operation. Easier tooling access is provided by a 4in (100mm) quick lift for the ram, up from 2.5in (63mm).

Three transfer belts, each with two lanes, carry the ends through each progression tool station, accommodating end diameters from 113 to 202.

The six-out downstacker is servo driven and mounted on a swing-away feed apron for easy access to the die sets. The lane dies feature Stolle’s lighter-weight composite lift gate with longer lifter springs, as well as more compact vacuum boxes for better tooling access.

The tab die set is designed to produce the latest lightweight tabs, saving 3.4 per cent in metal, or a cost saving of four US cents per 1,000 tabs.

The feed assemblies have simplified cast frames with fewer welds for better reliability. Lubricating oil is circulated and cooled through both the transfer belt and tab stock indexers to reduce maintenance check points and increase service life.

Options include Stolle’s latest patent-pending X3 tab design with better finger accessibility which when combined new rivet tooling is said to be capable of producing an acceptable rivet with shell stock thinner than 0.20mm, so that users will be able to produce the lightest-weight beverage ends. Existing Tetrad conversion presses can also use this tooling.

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