Blankets that improve
 press productivity

Offset printing blankets that are specifically designed for the MetalStar 3 decorating press have been updated by their manufacturer Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint.

The latest MetalPremium RBC blanket is now available as a splined version for presses with a tension bar that enables rapid blanket changes.

Also available for MetalStar 2 and MetalStar 3 presses without the rapid blanket change feature are blankets with a thermoplastic film carrier (TFC).

The blanket is made using a thermoplastic film as the carrier which is said to have high dimensional stability. As a result, and unlike blankets with a fabric backing that can expand or contract during production, the thickness and dimensions of the blankets do not change, even over thousands of impressions, says Koenig & Bauer, so manual retensioning of the blanket is no longer necessary.

The MetalPremium RBC/TFC blankets are also supplied with the correct material thickness of 2.35mm, so the time-consuming task of fitting calibrated packing sheets to achieve the required packing height for a blanket is eliminated. This saves set-up time and improves productivity.

Another time-consuming task of trying out and testing the range of conventional blankets available on the market to find a suitable product has also been eliminated.

Strippability is a key feature of the MetalPremium blanket, enabling it to be cut to the format of the substrate. Unwanted ink transfer from the printing plate to the blanket and the impression cylinder outside the printing format, so-called ‘picture framing’, is thereby avoided and the cleaning intervals of the impression cylinder are extended.

Picture framing is particularly common on UV presses and increases the time taken for cleaning, especially when an inter-deck UV oven is used, because the ink dries on the impression cylinder.

MetalPremium rubber blankets are available in four versions: RBC UV, RBC Combi, TFC UV and TFC Combi.

More information from Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint GmbH, Wernerstrasse 119-129, 70435 Stuttgart, Germany. Tel: 49 711 699710. Website: