Bottom former that controls the D&I process

A so-called ‘hybrid’ bottom former for beverage cans has been launched by Pride Engineering.

Used in a D&I bodymaker, Pride’s Synapse bottom former is said to deliver a range of capabilities, enabling operators to combine productionefficiency with quality, visibility and production optimisation, resulting in greater manufacturing efficiencies, increased process capabilities and improved line performance.

“After several years of research and development, we’re excited to launch the new Synapse product line to the canmaking industry,” said Greg Pickert, president of US-based Pride Engineering.

In real-time, Synapse monitors, adjusts and reports process data drawn from a number of sources during operation.

Features include:

  • an adjustable setting force that is optimised for each can size and monitoring to ensure the process stays under control
  • an integrated overtravel sensor
  • and a clamp ring force sensor for each can size.

“Our goal is to help users gain valuable insight into the bodymaking process allowing them to make quality cans at increased speeds and efficiencies,” says Pickert. “Synapse will support greater manufacturing efficiencies and increased process capabilities for companies on their way to the future.”

More information from Pride Engineering LLC, 9401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 200, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55428, USA. Tel: 1 763 427 6250. Fax: 1 763 427 6226. Website: