Burn up energy faster with Celsius

May 2: An energy drink claimed to burn up calories more quickly is the latest to adopt sleek cans in the US market.
Originally offered in bottles, Celsius is now also being sold in the taller and slimmer sleek cans made by Rexam.
Celsius is said to be the first proven ‘thermogenic’ calorie-burning beverage with the great taste of a soft drink. Celsius works by raising human metabolism on average 12 percent for up to three hours, resulting in a sustained energy boost and additional calories burned.
“We’ve experienced a flood of interest in Celsius from a wide range of sources so making it available in cans will help meet the demand and create new opportunities for distribution,” said Dick McGee, chief operating officer of Celsius Inc. “Having a can provides us flexibility to distribute Celsius in locations that want it such as gyms, spas and beach locations so now these consumers can also enjoy the great taste of burning calories right on site.”