Can bottom coatings 
and codes inspected

A system for inspecting the printed codes or lacquer coatings on the bottoms of beverage cans has been unveiled by Torus Measurement Systems.

The Z312 Vision Module provides a single system for testing all industry-standard UV/visible ink dot characters while also being able to assess the presence of bottom rim coatings. The module is claimed to help assist canmakers reduce their ‘hold for inspection’ times, labour and scrappage.

Using a five-million pixel camera with a resolution of 200 microns, the module is said to quickly identify the presence of the base rim coat that provides mobility, and UV/visible ink dot and character recognition for traceability. 

Lacquer inspection of can bottoms has long been a challenge for canmakers, with the risk of UV light exposure during manual visual inspection, reports Torus. Thanks to its GaugeXplorer operating system software, the automatic Z312 module helps canmakers overcome these barriers to UV base rim inspection. A report instantly identifies if the rim coat has either been under applied or damaged.

More information from Torus Technology Group, Nedge Hill Science Park, Telford, Shropshire TF3 3AJ, United Kingdom. Tel: 44 1952 210 020. Website: