Canmakers have an unparalleled opportunity to hear directly from food and beverage companies their needs and experience with metal packaging.

At The Canmaker Summit in Lisbon, on 2-3 November, José Jordão, the marketing and innovation director of Portugal’s leading beverage company Sumol+Compal will be sharing with delegates the role of the company’s packaging and how it reaches consumers.

The chief innovation officer of confectionary producer Dan Cake, Mitesh Jamnesh, will supply views from the cookie tin segment; while Ricardo Costa, the vice president of global procurement and buying of leading olive oil brand Gallo Worldwide will add his market perspective.

On a technical front, this year the Summit puts the spotlight on coatings. New challenges for compliance work for metal packaging in contact with food will be discussed by leading authority the Institut Nehring; and PPG Packaging Coatings will present on how it leverages innovations to comply with regulatory trends.

Polyolefin dispersions, which help formulators develop the next long-term protective can coating solution, will be discussed by Dow Coating Materials. Meanwhile Metlac will talk about Metpod100, an internal spray coating with no BPA, formaldehyde or styrene. Already commercial in Europe for beer cans, Metpod 100 has also been approved by Nestlé and Coca-Cola.

A market perspective from the machinery sector will be given by Stolle Machinery.

Also in the programme are chiefs of canmaking companies:

Colin Gillis, President, Ball Packaging Europe

Dr Daniel Abramowicz, Chief Technology Officer, Crown Holdings

Phil Impink, President, Can-Pack

ALeco Containers, Chief Executive Officer, ALeco Container

José Juan Delgado, Sales Director, Colep

The Canmaker Summit includes a dinner reception on 2 November when the winners of the Cans of the Year Awards will be announced.