Canned drink helps weight loss

Poland’s nutritional supplement food producer ActivLab has launched its Fits Drink in 25cl aluminium slim cans made by canmaking company Ball Packaging Europe (BPE).


Previously only sold in powder form for mixing with still mineral water, Fit Drink is now available ready-to-drink in convenient beverage cans.

BPE said that consumers are increasingly making a conscious choice in favour of healthy alternatives. “Calorie-reduced, high-nutrient soft drinks are likewise a must for people on the go. To serve this need the 25cl aluminium slim can makes Fit Drink the perfect refreshment to carry along for the calorie-conscious consumer.

“Thanks to its slim profile and low weight, the slim can easily finds space in any sports bag. And because cans are unbreakable, they are the ideal packaging choice for people with an active lifestyle,” said a press release.

Fit Drink is claimed to help fat burning with an improved L-Carnitine formula that supports weight loss in three areas: burning calories, metabolism and blocking the appetite.