Cannex & Fillex preview – Part 4

Our preview of this year’s Cannex & Fillex show continues with a look at more of the equipment, services, materials and technology that will be on display.

Saudi canmaker Al Watania For Containers Manufacturing will be showing the tinplate packaging it supplies in different shapes and sizes for the food and beverage sectors.

Bonfiglioli Technosystem, which provides machines and complete lines for making can components and leak testing machines to test the integrity of finished cans, will also be showcasing its specialist skills.

Cannex will be used as the platform for UK-based canmaking equipment specialist CarnaudMetalbox Engineering (CMB) to launch the latest development in its reformat product portfolio. This the result of a partnership with US firm Straight Line Drive (SLD), which recently introduced a retro-fit mechanism called the S-drive for improving the precision of D&I bodymakers.

CMB will be promoting an improved bodymaker concept called the A-Drive into its design, by invitation only at Cannex and subject to a non-disclosure agreement. Described as revolutionary, the machine is said to pave the way for a true step-change in productivity for canmakers around the world.

The A-Drive uses a hypocycloid drive designed by SLD’s Don Haulsee who is the patent holder for the Reynolds Mk4 bodymaker. CMB is combining the system with its reformat brand to provide the basis of a “dramatically improved” machine, details of which will be made available on the booth to potential customers who will be able to meet Haulsee and SLD’s operations chief Lee Vanatta along with CMB’s technical manager Dan Egerton.

Details of CMB’s reformat eight-colour can decorator launched last year and soon to be installed in a plant in Europe will also be available.

Founded in 2007, Chengdu Changtai Can Manufacturing specialises in the manufacture of automatic can body welding and semi-automatic welding machines. These are widely used for the canned food, dairy products packaging, pressure vessel, chemical, paint and electric power industries.

Tinplate and tin-free steel supplier Comat, is installing a new double stand temper mill for DR tinplate in 2018.


CGS Publishings Technologies International has more than 32 years’ experience in colour management. The company will be exhibiting its FlexPack//Web (FPW) system at the show. This is a digital packaging mock-up creation system that can proof-print on a variety of media, including metal sheets, PVC/PET/ oriented polypropylene (OPP), films, foils and metallic papers.

The UK’s Greenbank Technology will be promoting its innovative compact washer spray system, which is claimed to facilitate up to 20 percent better productivity on beverage can lines while reducing chemical and water use and reducing downtime.

Established in 1990, Malaysian company Hexachase Packaging will show the range of label and can paper sleeve products that it produces for both domestic and export markets.

Integrated Packaging Solutions will present the X2 Auto Media Feed for handling diamond media in punch tool refurbishment

Integrated Packaging Solutions (IPS) provides engineering and operational improvement services to metal packaging manufacturers in more than 20 countries across four continents.

In Guangzhou, IPS will present two new items of equipment related to punch tooling refurbishment. The X2 Auto Media Feed, an add-on to the company’s new X2 machines, is available as a retrofit system for existing machines and controls the amount of diamond media used to cross hatch punches more consistently.

DecoStar from ISRA Vision, provides 100 percent print inspection

ISRA Vision is a specialist in industrial image processing and an expert in surface inspection of web materials and 3D machine vision applications. It also provides quality assurance for metal and decorative printing on paper packaging, ensuring cost-effective production, claims the company.

At Cannex, ISRA will be presenting CoatSTAR, which ensures short setup times and increases production efficiency with 100 percent pre-press coating control. It will also show DecoSTAR, which ensures that, whether substrates are made of tinplate or aluminium, or whether they comprise high-gloss or matt finishes, 100 percent print inspection for metal decoration is guaranteed.

International Thermal Systems will showcase its improved Trident can washer


US company International Thermal Systems (ITS) will be showcasing its improved Trident can washer at Cannex. The Trident is claimed to be more efficient, effective and eco-friendly than many other can washers on the market.

“This next generation of washer delivers exciting innovations that continue to advance our high level washer performance and lower our customers’ total costs of ownership,” says Marshall Joas, general manager of ITS’s Metal Packaging division.

Steel canstock suppliers will have a significant presence at Cannex, with a number of Chinese companies in particular displaying their capabilities and services. Jiangsu Suxun New Material Co produces tin-free steel for can ends, screw and lug caps, snap and press-on closures and shallow-drawn food cans.

Jiangyin Comat Metal Products Co (Comat) is one of the leading tinplate and tin-free steel manufacturers in China. Since it began its tinplate business in 2005, it has increased its capacity from 100,000 tonnes per year to 800,000t per year.

Comat’s process capability ranges from pickling, cold rolling and degreasing, to batch and continuous annealing, skin passing, tinning and shearing. Since 2015, it has invested more than $100 million in upgrading its equipment and production management systems.

The company makes use of advanced production technologies imported from Germany and Japan. This includes a 350 metre per minute high-speed tinning line, producing high-grade tinplate with a coating weight of 11.2 grams per square metre. In 2017, the company invested in an advanced tin-free steel production line, making it the third largest high-quality tin-free steel producer in China.

In 2016 Comat added a double-stand temper mill to start making double-reduced (DR) tinplate, which now has a capacity to produce 100,000t of DR tinplate per year. And in 2018 it plans to install a new temper mill, which will give the company an annual capacity of 200,000t of DR tinplate.

Lighthouse Systems offers configurable software for the monitoring of the manufacturing processes. The company’s manufacturing execution system (MES), designed for use on factory shopfloors, collects information relevant to manufacturing processes and immediately makes it available for online management use.

Lighthouse’s software features new functionality. For example, improved tool management of complex tool systems is provided in which tools made of various parts need to be assembled.

Decorative metal packaging machinery specialist Meltog from the UK, which will be exhibiting at Cannex, has formed a joint-venture company with Cepeda, a supplier of equipment and process lines for making drawn products, shells, ends and twist-off caps, based in southern Europe on the Iberian peninsular. Under this new venture, called CepedaMeltog, the engineering will take place in the UK with manufacturing, assembly and spare parts being supplied from Meltog’s manufacturing facility, with new sales, after sales, finance and administration being managed from Madrid. Back in 1998, Meltog bought the Billoway twist-off cap company from Linpac and the business was transferred to the company’s main manufacturing facilities.

Also servicing the canmaking sector is Shandong Longkou Sanyuan Aluminium Co, established in 2007. The company manufactures and supplies aluminium tab /end stock for making easy-open ends.

Shantou Zhengyi Tin Can Machine Co supplies the FHZ equipment series, which includes welders, aerosol can leak testing systems, drying units, internal and external coating machines, and rounding machines.

Switzerland-based turnkey canmaking systems supplier Soudronic Group provides a complete range of machines and components, including slitters, transfer systems, welding machines, seam protection systems, bodyformers, two-piece can production lines and endmaking systems to meet the requirements of any canmaking installation. Today, it has more than 15,000 machines and system components installed around the world, with production systems for two and three-piece cans, pails and drums.

Highlights for Soudronic at the show will include advances in welding systems for three-piece canmaking systems, comprising its new Calibrating Force Monitor (CFM), which allows all welding-related effects and problems to be detected; together with an easy set-up approach, which reduces installation time and is simple for operators to use. Easy set-up provides simple and logical settings on machines and controls, more precise monitoring and easier maintenance, says Soudronic.

German coating machine manufacturer Sprimag Spritzmaschinenbau will present its range of machines for the internal coating of monobloc-aerosol cans, beverage bottles, beverage cans, bottom coating leak detection and drying ovens.

Toyo Ink Group, a Japanese coatings and inks manufacturer, will be showing its inks for D&I beverage cans and DRD cans as well as non-food product cans. The ink range includes both UV and LED-cured inks that can be applied to food and non-food cans. It will also be showing coatings for metal cans – including BPA-NI coatings for beverage and food cans – and waterborne coatings for aluminium coil and UV-cured top varnish.

UBIS (Asia) is a manufacturer and distributor of sealing compounds, lacquers and coatings. Since it was established in 1997, it has supplied these products, which are used in the production of food, beverage and aerosol cans, together with other general purpose cans.

At the show, UBIS will be presenting a water-based post repair for steel easy-open end cans. This new development is said to be environmentally friendly as it produces low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and emits no solvent odour.

Taizhou Tongyi Machinery Equipment specialises in making can machinery and vacuum equipment. The company supplies equipment for two- and three-piece can production lines and end-making systems.

Yorkshine New Material will promote its electrolytic tinplate expertise

Yorkshine New Material (Taizhou) is a global steel trading, distribution, processing and manufacturing company that will be highlighting its electrolytic tinplate production expertise at Cannex. Based in Hong Kong, Taizhou has subsidiaries and branch offices in nine locations. The company has a global presence in more than 30 countries and four continents.

Zhejiang Bosun New Material will be exhibiting aluminium peel-off ends for both dry and retorted food cans, for packaging products ranging from powdered milk, coffee and dried nuts, to meat, vegetables and other fruit that undergo subsequent retorting.

Zhoushan Jinjiao Machinery Factory will be exhibiting its aerosol dome making machine, which boasts a capacity of 300cpm. It also supplies equipment for lid production lines, aerosol cone and dome production lines, two-piece canmaking machinery and screw-cap production lines.