Canning machine maker Codi reaches out to virus-hit craft brewers

Codi Craft Canning is offering the free use of its mobile can filling machines to smaller US brewers unable to package their drinks due to the spread of coronavirus.

The offer, part of what has been called the Candemic Relief Project, is initially open to companies in the filling-machine maker’s Colorado home state but may be widened to adjacent areas. 

The gesture “is what we are doing to put some positive back in a world where everything is on its head,” Codi’s Jared Jones told The Canmaker.

Codi has put filling machines and lorries on standby to help brewers that have “tanks full of product and no ability to package in cans or bottles”, the company said. It has partnered with canmaker Ball, labels provider UST and shrink sleeves producer Cansource.

Brewers in the heart of the US craft beer country have been hit as consumers avoid bars and restaurants during the coronavirus clampdown. For those that make most of their income from keg and taproom sales, Codi will can beer and label it for takeaway sales. 

“The intention is for small businesses to survive without tap room draft sales,” Codi said.