Canpack boosts proportion of energy mix sourced from renewables

Canpack has increased the amount of energy it purchases from green suppliers and has struck deals to source all of its domestic power from renewable sources by the end of the year.

The Poland-based canmaker said it had boosted its renewables input to 70 per cent in plants at Brzesko, Bydgoszcz, Dębica, Tarnów, and Orzesze.

Under the terms of Canpack’s energy supply contracts, that will increase to 100 per cent in the next 11 months. A similar agreement has been signed for its Scunthorpe plant in the north of England and more facilities will be fitted with roof solar panels to generate power in-house.

“We take responsibility for our impact on the environment,” said chief executive Roberto Villaquirán in a statement. One of the company’s aims in its sustainability policy “is to limit our impact on climate change by, among other things, seeking to improve the efficiency of consumption of raw materials and energy or using renewable energy sources”.

Canmakers and their customers worldwide are seeking to reduce their carbon footprints to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations and as consumers demand better ecological custodianship from their favourite brands. 

Canpack was recently placed in the top two per cent of global metal manufacturing firms by EcoVadis, a corporate social responsibility ratings company. The canmaker scored highly in measurements of its performance in the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable supply chain categories.