Canpack’s printing technology used to raise profile of endangered species 

Novel lithography techniques at canmaker Canpack have helped Polish brewer Kompania Piwowarsk launch the second in its range of limited edition beers as part of a campaign to protect endangered species in the country.

To visualise the scale of the threat to endangered species of the Białowieża Forest the brewer, based in Poznań and part of Asahi group, replaced the image of European Bison on its popular Żubr beer with that of of five other animals: bear, wolf, lynx, eagle and pygmy owl.

Canpack’s Quadromix technology, which enables the printing of multiple different graphic designs on cans in one production run, helped Kompania Piwowarska to market five designs in one series.

“By replacing the design on its iconic Żubr beer, Kompania Piwowarska leveraged the power of its brand to raise awareness of endangered species,” said Stephen McAneny, chief commercial officer for the Canpack Group.

“Kompania Piwowarska’s campaign not only demonstrated the company’s commitment to the environment, but also did so in an engaging and thought-provoking way. This campaign is another example of how Canpack’s unrivalled technologies like Quadromix enable companies to expand their storytelling capabilities.”

Radoslaw Czapczyk, senior brand manager for Kompania Piwowarska, added: “This idea comes directly from Żubr’s DNA. Żubr is the ‘guardian of the forest’ and cares for all its inhabitants, restoring harmony when it is threatened. Our intention, again, was to make Poles aware of how endangered some species are and increase our affection for them.

“With Canpack’s Quadromix technology we were able to create limited-edition cans that both grabbed the attention of consumers and shined a light on an important issue.”

In January this year, The Canmaker reported that Canpack had used Quadromix to print three limited-edition cans for Bavaria Brewery to celebrate the 300th anniversary of its beer.