Cans of beer sold to support reopening of pubs in the UK

Camden Town Brewery will be selling 500ml cans of its To The Pub beer online and from selected retail outlets in the UK in support of the hospitality sector, which has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

On sale from Friday 26 June, the proceeds will be used to contribute towards funding the production of kegs that are being handed out to pubs in anticipation of their reopening in England over the next month.

The Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned brewery will also be giving for free to pubs and bars across the UK 260,000 draught pints of its To The Pub American Pale Ale, specially brewed to support and celebrate the cash-strapped hospitality sector. 

“Never would I have thought that the industry that’s brought me so much, would need so much help to survive,” Jasper Cuppaidge, founder of Camden Town Brewery told UK pub publication The Morning Advertiser. “It needs all of us, from brewers to beer drinkers, to help this industry get back to stable ground.

“By drinking To The Pub, whether it’s a six-pack ordered online, a can you picked up at the shop, or enjoying as a pint in the pub, you’ll be giving back to the hospitality industry when they need it most.”

The latest move follows the launch of Camden Town Brewery’s Heroes Thank You Lager, brewed in support of frontline UK healthcare workers.