Cans of the Year award winner Tubex recognised again

Tubex spokeswoman Karin Swain with the canmaker's World Star trophies

An aerosol can that won Tubex a silver award at last year’s Cans of the Year Awards has been honoured again.

The can produced for Unilever’s Dove Men & Care deodorant was one of two from Tubex recognised in the World Star Awards run by the World Packaging Organization (WPO).

The can was recognised for its sustainability and efficiency, the German canmaker said. The 250ml impact-extruded aluminium container won its Cans of the Year prize in the Aerosol category during The Canmaker Summit in London last October because it had undergone a number of design and fabrication changes to help reduce its weight and cost.

The can is made from a single slug using a newly-patented alloy and rounded the flat shoulders of the packaging’s earlier version. Additional weight was shed by brand owner Unilever, which moved from bundle to layer-wide packaging, enabling Tubex to reduce the wall thickness of the container. The various trims combined to reduce the product’s total weight by a fifth compared with its earlier version.

“The use of this patented alloy gives us exciting possibilities in terms of weight reduction and the use of real PCR in the future at the same time,” says Leo Werdich, managing director of Tubex Holding.

Tubex also won a World Star Award for the cans it made for Beiersdorf Body Mousse. Its smooth conical shape was achieved by using ‘spline’ technology, Tubex said.

Tubex was founded more than 70 years ago and now operates facilities only in Europe after selling its Brazilian plant to Ball earlier in the spring. It produces 700 million aerosol cans per year from factories in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Russia. The company also makes plastic tubes for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Tubex spokeswoman Karin Swain said the awards were “proof of our target to offer our customers the best there is in can manufacturing”.