Canmaking innovation needs the right culture

Innovation is a Latin word which means the act of introducing novelty to any object. Specialist literature defines organisational innovation as new ideas plus implementation which result in profits generically outlined in the following equation: innovation = idea + implementation + results.According to this definition, innovation is more than just something new; it is necessary to have results or gains. A new project which does...

Reluctant revolutionary

Bill Smith has been chief executive of aerosol can business DS Containers since January 2018. Kavitha Sivasubramaniam asks him what’s next for the Japanese-American partnership

Single sourcing for sustainability

A specialist in environmental control systems enabled a canmaker to solve its waste water challenges more quickly and cheaply. Peter Brown reports

Digital printing offers flexibility

Digital printing system manufacturer Tonejet has opened a manufacturing and demonstration facility in the UK. Rick Pendrous explains the reasoning behind this investment

Safe formula at Jamestrong

In August, Jamestrong Packaging commissioned a new canmaking plant for infant formula packaging – the third such plant it has opened in Australia and New Zealand in recent years to meet this growing market.It was the culmination of continuing investment in Jamestrong by China’s Shanghai Yuanlong, which also has a majority shareholding in leading Chinese canmaker ORG Packaging.The plant,...

A catalyst for change

When Coca-Cola recently joined the brand owners launching ready-to-drink (RTD) still and sparkling water in cans it was time to take notice.By offering its Dasani water brand in easily-recyclable aluminium cans and bottles, the Atlanta-based global drinks giant underlined what had become a growing trend – that to appeal to increasing concerns among consumers about plastics waste a more...

Decorator Litalsa’s digital journey 

Metal decorator Litalsa is a pioneer in the field of digital printing. John Nutting spoke to its chief executive Juan Inchausti to discover the reasons why

Aluminium food can growth leads to fall in US tinplate capacity

In August, ArcelorMittal announced that it would temporarily lay off 100 workers at its tinplate production facility in Weirton, West Virginia. In a similar move, US Steel indicated that it planned to close its tin mill in East Chicago in Illinois in mid-November, consolidating operations at two other northwest Indiana facilities.A key factor in these metal supplier announcements is...

The path to innovation is by design

There are numerous paths to innovation. One way to get started on the journey is to hire a creative agency.The benefit of working with an external agency partner is the opportunity to expand the boundaries of your thinking without the same biases or ‘tunnel vision’ that can be found within your organisation. As an extension of your team, an...