Profits rise in US despite a lag in food cans

Shipments of food cans in the US in the seasonally-low first quarter of this year were 5.65 billion, down 5.2 per cent compared with the year earlier.Early last year and in previous months, shipments, as shown in Table 1, were lifted by customer actions to increase inventories in anticipation of higher metal costs due to the imposition of US...

Capping a century of technical prowess

Italian crown cork and closure equipment manufacturer Sacmi is celebrating its 100th year in business. It marked the anniversary with a Metal Day event where it unveiled a range of new machines aimed at meeting the changing demands of the beverage market for the next century.Packaging industry executives and customers from 29 countries were given tours of the company’s...

Tata commits to laminates

Tata Steel Europe is currently going through some pretty uncertain times. This was most recently brought into focus by the abandonment in May of its proposed joint venture (jv) with Thyssenkrupp to create the second-largest steelmaker on the continent after ArcelorMittal.Tata’s uncertainty is not helped by its parent company’s objective to focus more on developments in the Indian sub-continent...

Food and aerosol cans: side-by-side

James (Jim) Peterson, chief executive of Ball Metalpack and, since 2017, chairman of the US Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), knows a thing or two about canmaking, having a distinguished history in the business. He is also a man on a mission to take his company on to the next stage of its growth.In June, Ball Metalpack announced plans for...

Good news is always much better than bad

Soon after I took up my new position with the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA) in June, I watched Sir David Attenborough address the Glastonbury Festival. I expected to see the usual gloomy pictures of a polluted arena, waste bins overflowing and discarded packaging everywhere. Not this time: there, on prime time TV, was a close-up of canned water...

Czech canned beer sales grow

Platan Brewery, based at Protivín in the Czech Republic and part of the Lobkowicz Group, has installed an energy-efficient canning line to meet growing demand for canned beer in the beer-loving nation. Now, further investment by the group to expand canning capacity is planned.

The future looks bright for capex

Capital spending in canmaking is related both to overall economic conditions and the increase of metal cans demand worldwide. The early signs point to continued growth of the world economy and can output, but at a slightly more modest pace than last year.

Top quality down under

When Jamestrong Packaging built a production line dedicated to making infant formula cans at its plant at Kyabram in the Victoria food belt of Australia, it required an inspection system that could not only accommodate the food cans, but one that could inspect the inside and outside surfaces of every can.

Is laminated canstock at a tipping point?

Polymer-laminated canstock has been around for years. Toyo Seikan’s Toyo Ultimate Can (TULC) was introduced in 1991 for beverages, and Tata Steel’s Protact has been on the market for more than 20 years.