China Xiangtai Food donates canned luncheon meat to coronavirus relief effort

China Xiangtai Food Co., Ltd. Donates 42,000 Cans of Self-produced Luncheon Meat to Support Crisis Relief of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Pork processor China Xiangtai Food Co Ltd based in Chongqing has donated 42,000 cans of luncheon meat to Huanggang Central Hospital and Wuhan No. 9 Hospital in central China’s Hubei Province as relief in response to the coronavirus crisis.

With the second highest number of confirmed and suspected cases of coronavirus in China, Huanggang city in Hubei Province has been hit hard by the outbreak of coronvirus. Residents of cities such as Huanggang and Wuhan have been instructed to stay at home, while those suspected of contracting the virus have been quarantined at designated medical facilities.

These actions by the Chinese government have led to rising demand for non-perishable foods. In response, China Xiangtai Food has donated 750 cartons of luncheon meat cans each to Huanggang Central Hospital and Wuhan No. 9 Hospital.

“We would like to express our deepest respect for all aid workers and medical personnel fighting at the frontline against the coronavirus in Hubei Province,” said Zeshu Dai, China Xiangtai Food’s chief executive.

“As the whole country continues to fight against this epidemic, the shortage of food supplies has become a serious problem that cannot be ignored. We are closely monitoring the needs of the residents in the affected areas.

“To support those patients and healthcare personnel battling at the frontline, we immediately made our inventories available to help increase food supply and delivered canned products to them. We look forward to working with everyone in overcoming the challenges ahead and aiding those who are currently fighting against the ongoing epidemic.”

Meanwhile, the coronavirus spreading through China forced an extension to the closure of canmaker Crown’s operations in the country beyond the end of the Lunar New Year festival, the company’s chief executive Tim Donahue announced last week.

“Coming out of the Chinese New Year, Beijing had a mandatory shutdown through 2 February, and almost every other province extended the mandatory shutdown except for critical industries through 10 February,” Donahue told analysts in a conference call following the release of its fourth quarter results last Tuesday [4 February].

“So, the three beverage can plants are on mandatory shutdown, and we’ll reopen next Monday unless they extend the shutdown.”