Cloud-based monitoring service for print

A cloud-based service that enables users of Linx Printing Technologies printers to monitor the performance and availability of their jobs – such as ink-jet coding on cans – has been launched.

Called Linx Printernet, the system enables users to see in real-time the printer status for each job, with regular messages informing operators how the job is running as planned.

Printernet shows the user’s current print counts and the end time for each job so faster and more efficient changeovers are achieved. Real-time email alerts for faults, warnings, consumables replacement, and other maintenance issues are regularly sent so potential downtime can be avoided.

Linx also offers remote monitoring as part of the package. This is said to reduce the risk of downtime through ongoing checks on the printer’s performance. These include alerts to operators, advice on preventative maintenance, diagnoses of problems and the option of a remote connection and message set-up assistance.

“Linx Printernet is the result of us listening to our customers and developing a solution that will make their daily lives easier,” says Zoé Baxendale, senior product marketing manager at Linx. “The printer is often the most intelligent piece of equipment on the line, and we are harnessing its capabilities to do more.”

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