Award-winning lightweight bottles feature in ‘Bathing Ape’ launch

A lightweight aluminium bottle design that won a Gold award in the Cans of the Year is being used by Coca-Cola in Japan for a limited-edition launch in collaboration with fashion brand ‘A Bathing Ape’.

Daiwa Can won the award in 2015 after the launch of the bottle, which is now being decorated with two designs of BAPE (bathing ape) and MILO, based on the popular ‘Baby Milo’ character, and will be launched on Amazon next week.

A Bathing Ape is a fashion brand that is popular both in Japan and overseas. It has collaborated with Coca-Cola twice on fashion items since 2014 and will now become for a limited period the design of Coke’s slim bottle containing the drink priced at ¥125 (US$1.16).

This design of aluminium bottle uses a process first developed by Daiwa in around 2000, in which the polyester-laminated aluminium sheet is drawn into a simple cylinder with one blank end. That end is formed into the neck and finish, the body shaped, while the open end has a conventional end seamed on.

The process has been used by Daiwa for its New Bottle Can range, and by DS Containers in the US for aerosol cans.

Other versions of the iconic Coca-Cola ‘Contour’ bottle design have been produced using impact extrusion techniques, such as by Ardagh for a promotion for the Star Wars movie release that year at its specialist plant at Beaurepaire in France, while Exal Corporation has produced D&I aluminium bottles in the US for Coca-Cola. Both these companies are now part of Amsterdam-based Trivium Packaging.