The canmaking industry’s strong sense of community was brought home when I heard that many people at Cannex & Fillex asked after me.

I couldn’t be there for a number of reasons, but I’ll try to catch up with you to hear your thoughts on what I’m told was a brilliantly vibrant event.

We had some new editorial team members at the show, and I really appreciate the welcome you gave Peter and Paul, both of whom were supported by Printz Holman. Notably, Peter was blown away by the scale of the show, and it reminded me of when I first dipped into the industry at an NMDA convention in Arizona more than a quarter of a century ago as an innocent newcomer. “You’re in trouble,” said a sales guy from an oven manufacturer, a comment that mystified me, as you can imagine. I’ve still yet to fathom out what it was about.

I’m pleased to hear from Peter that his induction to the industry at Cannex & Fillex was more hospitable, so let me pass the baton for his reactions:

“A baptism of fire. Thrown in at the deep end. A rite of passage. The idioms may go on, but that was how I found myself: not just my first time in China but my first Cannex & Fillex show. I stood in awe at the exhibition hall in Guangzhou and thought: where better to meet the heavy hitters in the canmaking industry?

“In the ranks of reporting on the metal packaging business, this was equivalent to a rookie starting at the World Cup final, but it was a challenge I was more than eager to welcome. And quite honestly, what a pleasure it was!

“I relished the chance to review recent developments, exchange information, meet with specialists, explore the latest technologies and most importantly talk canmaking with those in the know. For myself, I was grateful to put names to faces and establish what I hope will be long-standing contacts within the metal packaging universe.”

Thanks Peter. Let’s look forward to Cannex & Fillex de las Americas next year in Denver, Colorado!”

John Nutting