One of the most enjoyable aspects of the canmaking industry
is its sense of community.

As The Canmaker magazine reaches its 30th anniversary with this issue, I’m reminded that wherever you go in the metal packaging world you’ll more often than not meet long-standing friends and be able to continue conversations in the language we all understand: canmaking.

The longest link I’ve had started when I visited the new beverage can plant at La Ciotat in the south of France in 1991. Overseeing the installation for PLM was Brian Cook, who is always good for a laugh. Decades later at a celebratory event organised by Roeslein & Associates in the US, there he was, jovial as ever, and we caught up as if no time had passed.

Since that first meeting, much has changed in the industry. That PLM plant has passed through a number of owners and is now operated by Ardagh, a company that entered the canmaking business just eight years ago. Global canmakers have grown and been acquired by others in the constant cycle of change.

Productivity has also improved dramatically. In the meantime, The Canmaker has reported on these events and provided, through The Canmaker Summit, conferences and the Cannex & Fillex shows, a means to reinforce the vital relationships that enable all of us to be a key part of the packaging industry.

Now, more than ever, metal packaging offers a strong environmental solution for the beverage and food industries. Canmakers and their suppliers have responded to consumer demands for safe and wholesome products.

This issue contains the first of two previews of Cannex & Fillex, which in May is being held in China for the fourth time and is the biggest ever, showing just how vibrant the metal packaging industry has become. More importantly, it is a global event where the key players are expected to be exhibiting and attending.

It will also enable long-term friends and acquaintances to catch up. If you’re not at Cannex & Fillex, you’ll miss out.

John Nutting