What is said to be the world’s first shelf-stable canned nitro cold-brew coffee is now available thanks to the collaboration between a coffee start-up company and canmaker Ardagh Group.

Minor Figures is one of the first companies to use nitrogen infusion for cold-brew coffees and in Europe is using a 250ml slim can that does not need to be kept refrigerated during distribution and which offers a shelf life of up to 12 months. This is in contrast to cold-brew nitro coffees available in North America which require a cold chain distribution and have up to 90 days shelf life.

Being outside the cold chain is a clear benefit for a brand interested in global distribution. In this month’s issue, company founder and director Stuart Forsyth tells us that Minor Figures plans to become the largest cold-brew brand worldwide in five years’ time.

Ardagh’s so-called Nitro Can enables Minor Figures to provide consumers with superior quality coffee and on-the-go convenience, as well as an enhanced drinking experience.

The Nitro Can features a widget inside the can that is attached to the bottom, ensuring a consistent flow of nitrogen upon opening to enhance the aroma of the coffee and create a frothy head.

You will be able to hear more about the company’s strategy and packaging directly from Stuart Forsyth at The Canmaker Summit, which returns to Gleneagles on 24 October, when the winners of the Cans of the Year Awards will also be announced.

In 2016 the overall winner at the Cans of the Year Awards was a can made by Crown Holdings for another coffee brand, La Colombe in the US, which featured a valve in the base of the can through which nitrous oxide is injected after filling.

The continued rise in popularity of cans is spreading to a wider variety of beverages and The Canmaker Summit is the platform to celebrate and network with those responsible for these innovations.

See you in Scotland.

Mónica Higuera