Cool (clean and smooth) running

Atwo-stage bodymaker coolant filter system typical of the type used in beverage can plants: the centre underfloor sump is equipped with a rope mop skimmer and coalescer. The main skid to the right rear includes the clean tank and heat exchanger with a with a separate bulk volume coalescer

Coolant filtration systems for D&I bodymakers producing aluminium cans have come a long way in 50 years, as Andy Ricketts* of Primetals Technologies explains to Paul Gander

A canmaking engineer or metallurgist may generally have little incentive to think long or hard about the need for – and the challenges around – coolant systems in aluminium drawn and wall-ironed (D&I) can production. Yet this is a technology which has been developed in its own right over a half century or so and which now offers multiple options, notably in the all-important area of filtration.