Covered flexible multi-pack carrier for cans

A multi-pack carrier for beverage cans that is said to provide enhanced hygiene protection throughout the supply chain has been launched by the same firm that designed the WaveGrip carrier.

WaveSafe is a covered flexible multi-pack carrier that features an additional layer of recyclable and photodegradable PE material to cover the top of the cans. This, says the manufacturer, provides protection from dust and debris, giving consumers peace of mind that the drink has remained safe and hygienic from the factory to their hands.

The many benefits and features of the standard WaveGrip carriers are said to also apply to WaveSafe, making it an efficient collation carrier that is environmentally-sustainable. WaveSafe is also compatible with WaveGrip applicators.

“We are so pleased to be able to launch the first covered flexible carrier,” said Aaron McIvor, managing director of WaveGrip. “This is a major opportunity for WaveGrip and reaffirms we are the innovator in the development of beverage multi-packing solutions.

“WaveSafe is lightweight and efficient to apply and being available in the complete range of WaveGrip Colours, means it will create a new point of intrigue to consumers as well as boasting functional and environmental benefits.”

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