Crown Beverage Packaging wins Can of the Year 2016

A can that offers lovers of frothy premium coffee a ready-to-drink option has won the title of Can of the Year 2016 at the canmaking industry awards, backed by The Canmaker magazine.


The award was won by Crown Beverage Packaging, North America, for the InnoValve can used by La Colombe in the launch of its Draft Latte coffee in the USA earlier this year.

The award was accepted by Dan Abramowicz, chief technology officer at Crown Holdings, parent of Crown Beverage Packaging, NA.

“It’s wonderful to realise that the technology in this can has been recognised by the industry,” said Abramowicz.

Todd Carmichael, chief executive of La Colombe Coffee Roasters in the US, wanted packaging to deliver one of his most popular coffees – Draft Latte – to retail outlets. His vision was of a metal can that could maintain the pre-packaged coffee’s peak freshness and replicate the rich, foam-like texture that comes from drinking a latte at one of his coffee shops.

Philadelphia-based Carmichael partnered with Crown Beverage Packaging, NA, and they jointly developed the so-called InnoValve can, where nitrous oxide gas is injected into the can through a valve at the bottom during the filling process and which expands when the can is opened, creating tiny bubbles that create a frothy texture.

The InnoValve can is a 10oz sleek can with a 204.5 diameter and a 202 end. Crown created a way to puncture a hole into the bottom of the can, insert a hybrid resin-based, FDA-compliant valve (grommet) into the opening, which enables the gas to be injected into the can.

Development work was done by Crown to create the tooling to puncture the aperture, remove any debris, and insert the grommet so that it can remain in place during retorting. Also, development was carried out by La Colombe to create tooling for the ‘gassing and shaking’ process.

Crown says it dedicated a great deal of resources at its research centres at Wantage in the UK and at Alsip in Illinois to combine their knowledge of steel aerosol cans and aluminium beverage cans.

Although best poured into a glass to get the right experience, Draft Latte can be drunk from the can, which is why a plastics rim is added to make it seem more like other ‘take out’ coffee containers.

In addition to the original Draft Latte cold-pressed coffee, La Colombe is now selling Triple Draft Latte, Vanilla Draft Latte, and Pure Black versions in cans.

Other beverages that can be enhanced through a textured feel, such as smoothies, are expected to benefit from the InnoValve technology and enter the ready-to-drink market. It was the scope of this technology that made the judges award it the top prize.

“They have created not only a new product line, but a new beverage category, the textured beverage segment,” said one of the judges.

The overall Can of the Year winner was just one of a number of Gold award recipients that represented the very best of canmaking technology produced commercially over the past year. Crown’s InnoValve can won Gold in the Beverage Two-piece can category of the competition.

The Cans of the Year Awards were presented at a Gala Dinner during The Canmaker Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, on the evening of Wednesday 2 November.

A full report will be published on the Cans of the Year website

Cans of the Year 2016 Gold Winners

Category Winners


WINNER: Crown Beverage Packaging, North America D&I aluminium 10oz InnoValve can for La Colombe, Draft Latte RTD coffee


Gold: Casablanca Industries, India
Impact-extruded aluminium 150ml can for Yardley of London; English Lavender body spray

Silver: Technical Chemical Company, USA
D&I tinplate can for Technical Chemical Company;  Johnsen’s 369g Brakes & Parts Cleaner

Bronze: Montebello Packaging, Canada
Impact-extruded aluminium 212g can for Premier Brands of America; Arm & Hammer Foot Powder spray


Gold: Huber Packaging Group, Germany
5-litre welded tinplate keg for European Malt Company; for various branded craft brewers

Silver: ORG Packaging, China
Welded and shaped tinplate cans (330ml and 650ml) with ring-pull ends for Qindao Suhe International Trading; SUHE juice shake

Bronze: Shetron, India
Welded tinplate 180ml can with SOT end for Maiyas Beverages and Foods; Maiyas milk drink


Gold: Crown Beverage Packaging, North America
D&I aluminium 10oz InnoValve can for La Colombe, Draft Latte RTD coffee

Silver: Toyo Seikan, Japan
D&I laminated steel can with embossing for Kirin Beverage Company; Fire RTD coffee

Bronze: Ball Packaging Europe, UK
50cl D&I aluminium can for Denninghoffs GmbH; Hofjäger Schwarzbier beer


Gold: Ardagh Group, France
Impact-extruded aluminium 250ml bottle with screw-top finish for The Coca-Cola Company; Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero & Diet Coke carbonated soft drinks

Silver: ALeco Container, USA
D&I aluminium 750ml bottle for Sierra Sky Vineyard and Winery, Sierra Sky white wine

Bronze: CCL Container, USA
Impact-extruded 22oz aluminium bottle for Base Camp Brewing Company; Nomadic Double IPA


Gold: Meister, Brazil
Lock-seam tinplate container with air-tight lid for Couroquímica Couros e Acabamentos; Carmen Steffens chocolate powder

Silver: Federal Metal Printing Factory, Malaysia
Lock-seam tinplate container with hinged lid for YU-AI Food Industries/Confectionery; YU-AI confectionery

Bronze: Zenith Tins, India
Lock-seam tinplate container with hinged lid for A.W. Faber-Castell, Faber-Castell crayons


Gold: Can-Pack Metal Closures, Poland
Crown cork with registered embossing for Heineken Group;
Heineken beer

Silver: Crown Packaging, UK
D&I aluminium 330ml can with 360-deg easy-open end for The London Beer Factory, craft beer

Bronze: XRE Corporation, South Korea & SLAC Precision Equipment, China
Reclosable aluminium easy-open end for Lotte Chilsung Beverage; OKF – Aloe Vera King juice


Gold: Jingli, China (Lucas Luxury Packaging)
Lock-seam tinplate secondary container for Chivas Brothers; Chivas Regal 18 whisky bottle

Silver: Hoffmann Neopac, Switzerland
Hinge lid container with plastics insert for Beiersdorf; Hansaplast / Elastoplast plasters

Bronze: Metalgráfica Renner, Brazil
Drawn tinplate can with slip lid for Memphis, Alma de Flores gift tin


Gold:  Nestlé, Brazil
Welded tinplate decorated can for Nestlé Brazil; Nestlé Farinha Láctea milk powder

Silver: Ardagh Group, France
Welded tinplate shaped can with easy peel membrane and plastics cover for Mead Johnson & Company; Enfinitas infant formula

Bronze: ORG Packaging, China
Welded tinplate can for Beijing Yuanyanghongxing Food, Nongren nuts


Gold: Ardagh Group, France
Drawn tinplate 400g can with easy peel membrane for Emmi Canada; Fondü cheese fondue

Silver: ORG Packaging, China
DRD laminated steel 65ml can with ring-pull end for Fujian Kangzhiwei Food Industry; sesame oil

Bronze: No award


Gold:  Gruppo ASA, San Marino
Three-piece welded tinplate can with bonded handle for Montalbano/Trasimeno; Gaban/Arioli olive oil

Silver: Ardagh Group, France
Three-piece welded tinplate pail with spring latch for Akzo; Sikkens paints & coatings

Bronze: PT Sinar Djaja Can, Indonesia
Lock-seam tinplate container with slip lid for Deva Industries, Cuddles nappies (diapers)


Gold:  Can-Pack SA, Poland
D&I aluminium 500ml beverage can with decorated end and digital printing

Silver: Ball Aerocan, Europe
Impact-extruded aluminium ReAl aerosol can with recycled content

Bronze: Universal Can Corporation, Japan
D&I aluminium 330ml beverage can with end featuring easy-pour opening


Gold: Ball Aerocan
Impact-extruded aluminium ‘compressed’ 125ml aerosol can for Tesco; PRO Formula For Men

Silver: Ball Aerocan
Impact-extruded aluminium ReAl aerosol can, up to 15 percent lighter than standard monobloc cans

Bronze: ArcelorMittal, Europe
D&I tinplate beverage can with lower 0.18mm starting gauge