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In this issue: The Canmaker, Volume 32, June 2019

The focus now is on improving productivity
Editorial board member Arthur Stupay reminds us of the importance of canmakers improving the productivity and margins of their operations

Full circle
After a period as a consultant and an equipment supplier, former chief executive Terry Voce has returned to manage a beverage can plant

The future of canmaking
Last month’s Cannex and Fillex de las Américas was a feast of innovation for the canmaking world. Here is the first of two reports from Denver

In search of new markets
With changing customer expectations, canmakers in Japan are responding with products that meet the new needs

Strong demand for beverage cans
Demand for beverage cans produces by major canmakers have remained strong in the first quarter of 2019

Innovative thinking
The latest systems developed for testing and inspecting cans, some of which were launched at Cannex, are featured in an equipment review

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