Volume 30, July 2017

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In this issue: The Canmaker, Volume 30, July 2017

President Trump called to exclude tinplate from US import tariffs
The impact of tinplate being caught up in a crack down on imported steel for security reasons could be serious for the US canned food industry

Consolidation, cost reduction and differentiation in the Chinese market
Editorial board member Richard Moore has studied the canmaking business in China for many years. His latest review as ever provides a number of surprises

Finding the right home
Sandvik’s beverage can tooling centre in Barcelona has an integrated manufacturing process from ready-to-press cemented carbide powder to the finished tool

Meeting point
The canmaking world’s diversity was displayed at Metpack in Germany. Here are some more stories picked up by The Canmaker’s team

An emphasis on margins over volume
In the US, food can manufacturers Ardagh and Silgan have been responding to market changes in different ways. Arthur Stupay delves into the detail

Can it be so! Craft beer embraces aluminium!
From being a fast-growing but niche sector of the US craft beer business, the adoption of aluminium cans has become a mainstream movement

Easy steps towards lowering recall risks
With the average cost of a recall reaching at least $10 million, operators in food canning plants must be mindful of these safety processes

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