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How we worked through and beyond the pandemic
Editorial board member Rick Huether recalls how US-based canmaker Independent Can has navigated the coronavirus pandemic

Evolving with the times
Martti Lemendik, chief executive of Estonian metal printer and aerosol can manufacturer Metaprint, talks about the company’s evolution

Fresh thinking
The overall winner of the 2021 Cans of the Year represented was small in size but big on canmaking skill and consumer appeal

Compact canmaking
Japanese canmaking technology that offers flexibility with environmental benefits is being installed for the first time in North America at a craft drinks service supplier

Independent one-stop shop
A combined canmaking, canning and packaging plant being constructed in Utah is expected to disrupt the drinks industry, according to its management

Rising demand
With canmakers busily expanding capacity the world over, the suppliers of canmaking tooling for their new lines and plants are also enjoying a boost in business

Seal of sustainability
A new range of metal closures designed by equipment manufacturer Blema Kircheis wants to put an end to plastic overcaps