Volume 32, April 2019

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In this issue: The Canmaker, Volume 32, April 2019

Innovate or risk becoming irrelevant
Editorial board member Jan Driessens discusses the necessity of innovation within the metal bottling manufacturing sector

Making cans in the sunshine
More from the management of a canmaking venture set up in Greece that is investing to expand its customer base in the food industry

Investing in a cleaner future
A leading tinplate mill in China explains how it is installing a high-output lamination line to meet government demands for pollution control

A clean slate
After striking deals in Iran, IMF Engineering is planning to find opportunities in the
canmaking market elsewhere in the world for its can washing systems

AI reaches canmaking
Advances in vision systems and artificial intelligence could offer the prospect of
real-time feedback control in canmaking processes

Denver calling
A preview of Cannex & Fillex de las Américas 2019, which takes place in the US next month, with exhibitors listed

Coatings for a better future
A look into the latest developments in coatings and inks that are being developed to satisfy requirements for lower emissions and better sustainability

Volumes hold but costs are rising
An analysis by Arthur Stupay of the latest trends in food can manufacturing with a focus on the latest quarterly results for Ardagh, Silgan and Crown

Fit for purpose
A German filling systems supplier has been busy installing new technological 
innovations at brewers in Scandinavia

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