Volume 31, June 2018

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In this issue: The Canmaker, Volume 31, June 2018

Consolidation is on the cards in Brazil
Editorial board member Antonio Teixeira discusses the canmaking climate in Brazil and the possibility of an integrated steel canmaking sector in the country

A more flexible alternative
An Italian metal services supplier has built two small-scale canmaking lines with the objective of supplying three-piece cans to customers in smaller batches

Record breaker
Last month’s Cannex & Fillex was the biggest canmaking industry show ever held in China. The Canmaker editorial team presents the first in a two-part report of the show

Strong global growth for beverage cans
The future looks strong for drinks cans in the global market. Arthur Stupay studies the recent results from the leading canmakers

Visionary leadership
With an increased emphasis on reducing HFIs, inspection systems are featured in a review of the latest equipment

Towards smart factories
How is the fourth industrial revolution impacting the operation of plants in the canmaking and canning sectors?

A Khmer love affair with canned beers
With support from Crown and Krones, a relatively new beer brand in Cambodia is taking this emerging market by storm

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