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A new chapter in growth
As Tony Allott hands over the reins of Silgan to Adam Greenlee, what are the prospects for the canmaker?

The future for machine vision is bright
Editorial board member Amir Novini looks back at his career in machine vision systems for the canmaking industry and considers what the future holds for vision-based technologies

Leading the charge
Chief executive Oliver Graham talks about the plans to grow the business at newly-created Ardagh Metal Packaging

Everything is on the rise
As canmakers race to meet rising demand for beverage cans with more investments, costs are also increasing dramatically

Higher efficiencies
Being able to predict when equipment on canmaking lines is likely to fail with better precision is expected to help a new beverage can plant to be more competitive

Three-piece efficiency gains
Sunrise Group is investing heavily in making its three-piece canmaking technology across China more operationally efficient

Keep on running
Some of the recent innovations in conveying and handling systems focus on extending the operational life of the belts and equipment used to transport cans around the plant

Ahead of the curve
Canmakers are pushing metal bottle manufacturing techniques to give fillers a range of shapes broad enough to cover the latest generation of products

Balancing act
The canning manager at Princes Group talks about how improvements were made to the company’s Long Sutton plant in the UK

A clearer view
Leading film supplier Toray considers the penetration of film-laminated substrates into metal packaging as a means of reducing environmental impact