Digital printer for two-piece cans launched by SLAC

A digital printer for two-piece beverage and aerosol can bodies has been launched by equipment manufacturer Suzhou SLAC Precision Equipment, which says the machine is already in use at canmaking plants.

Providing flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs without downtime, the offline machine, called SC-DCP-B2006, operates at more than 200cpm, depending on the label design and resolution required, which can be up to 600dpi. The palette is CMYK plus two process colours.

The printer is said to be capable of producing unique labels for each can, including bar and QR codes, making it suitable for promotions and shorter runs. Cans in diameters from 50 to 66mm (200-211) and heights from 70 to 178mm are accommodated.

Compared with conventional offset printing systems, the digital printer means that label changes can be instant without setup, plate changes, adjustment or ink changes, says Chris McKenzie, chief operating officer and chief marketing officer at the SLAC Group.

“Currently we have this wonderful innovation fully commercialised and in the field at customers already; new customer interest is extremely high,” McKenzie says.

More information from Suzhou SLAC Precision Equipment, 1028 Sunwu Road, Xukou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou Jiangsu 215164, China. Tel: 86 512 6693 9207. Website: