Embossing features on slim cans from Australia

A slim can format with a novel design that is said to be new to the Australian market is one of the latest entries for the Cans of the Year Awards, the winners of which will be announced during the Canmaker Summit being held in Portugal in November.

The 300ml aluminium can has been developed by Orora, the packaging company that was spun off from Amcor a number of years ago. It was designed for the V-Pure brand energy drink which is marketed by Frucor.

“The customer wanted a can that portrayed a healthy, clean and raw image for its new V-Pure energy drink which uses natural ingredients,” says general technical manager at Orora James Toigo. “In conjunction with Frucor’s design agency we designed and manufactured what we believe is the first registered embossed 300ml D&I slim aluminium can.”

The can also featured embossing on the side walls that is registered to the V-Pure logo, along with matte varnish coatings.

The Cans of the Year Awards will be presented a Gala Dinner on the evening of 2 November during The Canmaker Summit, which is being held this year in Lisbon, Portugal.

Deadline for entries is 2 September 2016. More information from Emma O’Malley at [email protected] or from the SPG Events website at  www.spgevents.com