End compound liner performance control

The performance of end compound lining machines can vary when ambient temperatures change, affecting viscosity and the application weight of the sealant. But when off-line testing is used to measure the weights, ends that are out of spec and could affect a seaming machine’s performance may be discovered too late.

One solution is to measure the flow rate of the compound as it reaches the liner, but this is difficult because the flow rate is so low. To meet this need Actega, part of the Altana group, has developed ARflow CLV, an automated lining weight monitoring and adjustment system.

The system measures the film weight on every 50th end, comparing it to the correct specification. If it starts to go out of spec, the system automatically adjusts the sealant injection pressure. The system also compensates for nozzle and needle wear, and variations in sealant batches. Other variables that are taken account of include injection pressure. Data is exported from the machine for later analysis.

“ARflow CRV reduces the tolerances to that it is easier to run at the lower end of the range without risking going too low,” says Actega.

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