End-of-line inspection for aerosol cans

A comprehensive inspection system that checks cans, particularly those for aerosol products, at the end of a production line has been launched in a collaboration between German manufacturers Mühlbauer and Sprimag.

Called CIM, the system covers all quality aspects of the finished cans at line speed, lifting them from the output conveyor of the necking machine, placing them under a vacuum during rotation for delivery to inspection units, before returning them to a conveyor ready for packaging.

Three TEMA Vision inspection units are used: a PI-Cylinder for print inspection, a CTi for can top inspection, and optics for the tops and the back of the curl.

A new challenge is said to be overcome with a new quality control system called Shape Control which is able to identify defects when decoration might otherwise mask them. Shape Control creates a three-dimensional image by constantly scanning a laser line on the rotating can.

More information from Mühlbauer GmbH & Co KG, Josef-Mühlbauer-Platz 1, 93426 Roding, Germany. Tel: 49 9461 952-0. Website: www.muhlbauer.com