Endangered animals highlighted on Croatian beer cans

Croatian beer brand Ožujsko, part of the Molson Coors family, has partnered with canmaker Ball to launch a collection of limited-edition cans intended to raise awareness of endangered species found in and around the European country by the Adriatic Sea.

Ožujsko is using its cans to illustrate four animals that are in the most danger in Croatia: the wolf, lynx, dolphin and griffon vulture. The brewer’s website provides further information on the endangered species, their conservation in Croatia and by using its platform to be a voice for good.

Working collaboratively with Ball and award-winning agency BBDO Zagreb, four different can variations were designed, each focusing on the different endangered species. With the goal of making the can stand out as much as possible on shelf, the design features a ‘gravure-esque’ illustration in full black intensity.

Utilising a combination of Ball’s Thermochronic Ink and Dynamark technology, this effect was then transferred onto 500ml standard aluminium cans.

Croatia is currently going through a shift in packaging, with more and more companies switching from PET towards other substrates and specifically beverage cans, due to sustainability becoming high on the agenda in the region.

With this in mind, Zagrebačka Pivovara – Zagreb Brewery – owned by Molson Coors decided to launch its new range in a can format, supporting its inherent sustainability credentials. The special edition Ožujsko cans are not only fully recyclable and better for the environment, but are also lightweight and unbreakable, providing added protection to the beverage.

As part of a summer campaign, titled ‘Protected by Law’, a sum of 0.50HRK (US$0.075) for each can sold will be donated to one of four non-profit organisations which work to protect the species.

What’s more, a digital platform has been created by Ožujsko to support the initiative, which provides more information about the campaign and tracks in real-time the amount raised through product sales and consumers can vote via a bespoke app for the animal trust they would like to contribute to.

“Cans are becoming increasingly popular for packaging as they are fully recyclable,” said Ivan Šuvar, consumer excellence director at Zagrebačka Pivovara. “Using packaging that is sustainable matches our company values as we want to make a positive change.

“We chose to use our popular brand to voice awareness for endangered species. We partnered with Ball to create our cans to reflect the cause and raise awareness with consumers. We hope to raise €80,000 [$11,944] which we will donate to non-profit organisations responsible for the species preservations.”

Jovan Jovanovic, sales manager at Ball, added: “As an innovative and sustainable company we feel incredibly inspired to work with brands like Ožujsko, who use their platform to raise awareness about important causes like endangered species.”