Equipment that forms lighter aerosol cans

Although manufacturers of tinplate aerosol cans have wanted to reduce the weight of their cans with thinner gauges of material, thereby reducing the costs, the lack of machines that were capable of processing them limited progress, says Germany’s Lanico Machinenbau.

Since the launch last year of Lanico’s latest Can Former series, a 65mm-diameter 750ml aerosol can that was once made in 0.18mm single-reduced (SR) tinplate can now be made in 0.155mm double-reduced (DR) tinplate. And, says Lanico, tinplate as thin as 0.13mm DR is now an option.

The first machine from Lanico with this capability was the CF589 Can Former that necks and flanges can bodies with gauges down to 0.13mm at speeds of up to 500 per minute.

After further development, the range has been extended so that the Can Former, when fitted with individual tools for each type of tinplate, becomes more versatile. The range now includes to the CF581 model, with an output of 160 to 240cpm, and the CF583 model, with a speed of 240 to 320cpm.

Up to five turrets equipped with three to eight heads perform the necking, flanging and seaming operations. The machines process can bodies with diameters of between 45 and 73mm and heights from 95 to 320mm.

As detailed when the first machine was launched, height adjustments during diameter changes are possible in 20 seconds without the need for additional tools. A complete diameter change is claimed to be possible with modular tools in two hours.

The Can Formers feature a Recipe Management System (RMS), which enables key parameters such as can height, machine velocity and spindle speed to be changed in only a few seconds.

More information from Lanico Maschinenbau Otto Niemsch GmbH, Broitzemer Strasse 25-28, 38118 Braunschweig, Germany. Tel: 49 531 809060. Website: