Faster and lower-cost side-stripe curing

A side-stripe repair coating system developed by Swiss canmaking equipment specialist Can Man is being further developed to make it more energy efficient and easier to use.

Already installed on 100 lines, Can Man’s PowerCURE system uses induction heating to cure the repair coating on the welds of three-piece cans.

Can Man’s general manager Ruedi Umbricht says that because the cans are carried from the top, ensuring a lower can-to-coil gap, PowerCURE has the lowest energy consumption of any side-stripe curing system.

The next generation PowerCURE2 version will use an independent industrial PC, enabling the operator to have better control of the unit through an integrated control panel or through any web

browser on devices such as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices connected to the unit.

Able to match the 120 metres per minute speeds of Can Man’s fastest welders, PowerCURE2 will also have the capability to cure both powder and liquid coatings.

In addition to the mechanical upgrades, the unit will be capable of providing a visualisation of the temperature in each heating section by using infrared sensors.

When launched in the summer of 2019, PowerCURE2 will be offered at a price 10 to 20 per cent lower than the current model.

More information from Can Man AG, Mülisacker 221, 5705 Hallwil, Switzerland. Tel: 41 62 777 44 40.