Foil covering for cans provides added protection from coronavirus

Demand for beverage cans covered with a protective layer of aluminium foil is likely to increase because of concerns about contracting coronavirus by drinking directly from cans.

While the Sars-CoV-2 virus, which causes coronavirus, is not likely to survive for much longer than 48-72 hours on aluminium surfaces, protective coverings help to keep can ends free from contamination during storage and transit to consumers’ homes.

Protective coverings also provide additional promotional, branding and messaging opportunities on beverage cans.

Romanian brewer Romaqua Group has been adding protective aluminium foil lidding to its cans of Albacher lager since 2008. Supplied by US label supplier Multi-Color Corporation, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the foil covers are applied on Romaqua’s canning line at its plant in Lancrăm.

Meanwhile, San Pellegrino has been putting aluminium foil protective sleeves on its cans of flavoured water for a number years.

And, in May 2019, The Canmaker reported on another hygienic sleeve design for covering the tops of unopened beverages developed by Tome Balalovski, an inventor from Skopje in North Macedonia.

Balalovski’s protective sleeves can be made from aluminium, PVC, paper – or a combination of the three. His domestically patented design was being targeted at brand owners and canning equipment suppliers wanting to offer greater protection for consumers when drinking directly from cans.