Food grade chain for tray packers

A special ‘food grade’ chain for the tray packing machinery widely used in the food and beverage industry has been developed by Tsubaki. 

The Traypacker Chain is internally lubricated so that it is clean in use and does not need regular re-lubrication.

It is a development of Tsubaki’s Lambda chain, which uses a special sintered oil-impregnated bush. Like the latest generation of Tsubaki Lambda Lube Free chain, the Traypacker Chain is impregnated with NSF-H1 food grade lubricant.

When used in the handling of multi-packs and cardboard trays, hygiene is paramount and standard lubricated chain can cause contamination.

With the new design, the internal lubrication cannot transmit to products. Also the consistent internal lubrication combats the risks of uneven wear and elongation, and does away with the need to apply additional food grade lubricants.

The Traypacker Chain is slightly narrower than standard Lambda chain, a requirement for most tray packing machines. Further, the machines require pushers to be fitted to the transport chain and for this a design in which the attachments are mounted on an extended pin this allows flexible spacing so that different packing configurations can be accommodated.

More information from Tsubakimoto Europe BV, Aventurijn 1200, 3316 LB Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Tel: 31 (0)78 620 4000. Website: