Gloss varnish and five blacks added to ink range

An ink range, including a gloss varnish, along with five variations of black, has been developed by German company Zeller+Gmelin.

The Uvaflex FCM Y81 colour range complete the current FCM generation that was launched by the Eislingen-based printing ink manufacturer in 2017. The range is said to feature low migration potential and good printing properties.

Zeller+Gmelin’s YL-7G106 gloss varnish ensures safe handling during both printing and curing processes. It has a high abrasion resistance and is bisphenol-A free, meeting Nestlé’s Guidance Note. The varnish can be overprinted.

The five new black inks are each suitable for a different application. These include a process set black (Y81-S1400), matt black (Y81-X40302), a brilliant black (Y81-X40101) and a backside black (Y81-X40200), which cannot be overprinted. For surface printing for lid applications, a fifth type of black (Y81-X40301) has been designed for increased scratch resistance.

More information from Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co KG, Chlossstrasse 20, D-73054 Eislingen/Fils. Tel: 49 7161 8020.