Guala Closures win Alufoil Trophy 2020 for Savin Prestige Wine screwcaps

Italian metal cap maker Guala Closures is celebrating its victory in this year’s Alufoil Trophy, in which it won the Marketing and Design award for a range of aluminium screw caps that top Savin Prestige wines. 

The winning Guala portfolio includes shell caps and inserts that include materials such as woods, fabrics such as satin and Alcantara, and resins that incorporate marble and mother of pearl.

The competition, organised by European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), commends innovation and new technologies in aluminium packaging.

“We saw this concept as adding ‘premiumness’ to the closure in a very impactful way – like adding a diamond to a gold ring,” said Veith Behrmann, group packaging manager at Nestlé Nespresso and head of the jury. “This is a highly original piece of marketing and design and could improve the penetration of screw caps into the higher wine and spirits segments – moving the acceptability beyond enhanced printing.”

Vineyards, distillers and bottlers are increasingly topping their products with screw caps because they offer better insulation than corks and cost less. As competition intensifies within the screwtop sector, cap makers are turning to ever-more sophisticated designs and personalisation to differentiate their products.

“Closures are becoming much more important components for a modern stylish product presentation,” Guala chief marketing officer Paolo Ferrari said, adding that the designs involving the new materials offered the same preservation and protective qualities as more traditional caps.

Formed in 1954 and based in Spinetta Marengo in northeastern Italy, Guala Closures manufactures aluminium caps for spirits, wines and beverages and sells nearly 20 billion units each year in more than 100 countries.