Heineken to present at The Canmaker Summit

Ewoud Nieuwenhuis, responsible for global sourcing of beverage cans, crown corks and aluminium bottles at Heineken will be speaking at The Canmaker Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, on 24-25 October.

Nieuwenhuis will talk about sustainability and its impact on the can industry from a brewer’s perspective.

“Sustainability is a key element in Heineken’s strategy and the COP 21 agreement will have a big impact on our future sourcing activities,” he says.

“I think this is an important story to tell our suppliers, but also the suppliers upstream (aluminium, inks, varnishes, etc). We need their support to make it happen.”

Sustainability and how cans deliver the solution will also be discussed by Peter Giorgi, president of Giorgi Global Holdings and chairman of the board at Can-Pack.

They will be joined by Michael Mapes, chief executive of aluminium aerosol and bottle can manufacturer Exal Corporation; Jan Driessens of Helvetia Metal Bottle Company; and Markus Röver, head of packaging at Schuler Pressen, who will discuss production solutions for lightweight aluminium bottles.

Stéphane Tondo, president of the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (Apeal) will talk about a chrome-free passivation alternative (CFPA), its product properties and current status of performance tests.

Innovative solutions in metal decorating will be the subject of the presentation by Ralf Gumbel, chief executive officer of KBA-MetalPrint.

Also speaking at this year’s Summit will be Dave Wall, global growth manager at Dupont Teijin Films; Dr Alex Kruglov, vice president of global packaging technology at Sherwin-Williams; and leading food contact authority Dr Ulrich Nehring of Nehring Consultants who will provide an update on European food contact legislation.

Richard Moore, managing director of RMRM Consultancy and director of Chinese equipment supplier SLAC will give an overview on the industry.

Meanwhile, Patrick André, director of process lines at Sandvik Hyperion will provide a tooling perspective.

The Canmaker Summit will also feature the Cans of the Year Awards dinner, when the canmaking industry’s annual awards will be announced.

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